Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coming up with a Schedule

So, we're (my husband and I) going to Japan!

This time around, it was GREAT not having to do the planning like I did on my last huge trek around S.E.A.. Having to work with two weeks is a lot easier to deal with than a whole month and not having to move around as much will be a lot less stress.

We bought some really cheap tickets online from Hawaiian Airlines to get from Hilo to Fukuoka ($800ish/person) but because I wasn't sure when the next time we'll go to Japan, I wanted to hit some of the more popular and well traveled areas. I knew I wanted to travel around Kansai because I didn't get a chance when I lived there and I only saw Tohoku during winter so I wanted to see what it was like during summer.

I chose regions or landmarks that I've been dying to see as I was given free reign to sort of make out where we wanted to go. We were landing in Fukuoka, I knew I wanted to see Tokyo/Saitama as well as Hokkaido again but what to see in between....

I've always wanted to see Kyoto, Osaka and Nara but we decided Nagasaki because it was one of the historical sites where America bombed Japan. I know what you're thinking: That's a bit missed us! But tons of Japanese tourist flock over to Pearl Harbor for the same morbid curiosity! It's also an ugly time in our history but it doesn't mean we don't learn about it and just push it to the back burner hoping we'd forget it.

That's not the point about history.

Learning from past actions in hopes of either repeating good outcomes or not repeating bad ones are is a major tenant to continually learn about history. It's not about who was right or wrong. It already happened and the victor is usually the one deemed "RIGHT" in those instances but also to be subjective about what happened and finding a good or moral outcome if something bad happens again in the future.

Getting way off topic here, so, back to the ranch....

Scheduling what we want to see regionally was important. Not the 'Why' though because you'll find that we chose some places for stupid reasons.

Our trip, not yours and you can make your own stupid picks for your trip when you travel.

Kyoto: Culture & Family
Osaka: Prove or Disprove the BangBang you're Dead thing
Nara: DEER!...Oh, and culture
Nagasaki: Bombed and Biopark - Animals!
Obama: DUH! Who wouldn't go to a town named about our current President?! (I know, I know, many people but that doesn't matter!)
Sapporo: Ichiban! Ramen, Lavender and BEER!
Tokyo/Saitama: Friends, Food, Nostalgia, University, Ghibli Museum,BASEBALL, Fishmarket
Hiroshima: Bombed
Nagasaki: Hashima - SKYFALL and creepy abandoned island!
Fukuoka: Ramen and Airport

Now...figure out when you're going where...a bit tougher...

So, in order of arrival to departure
15-17 fukuoka
17-19 osaka
19-21 kyoto
21-22 obama
23-25 sapporo
25-28 tokyo
28-29 fukuoka
...Now we need to figure out what to do while we're there.