Thursday, May 29, 2014

Planning a Trip

In 2007, I was living in Japan which was a HUGE journey in itself but I decided to branch out and spread my wings to fly further. I made a mini trip by myself to Hokkaido for the Yuki Matsuri in February and decided I needed to fly further. When spring break came around, I planned my trip to S.E. Asia. Both trips were great stepping stones in my life that shaped how I think about traveling and one of my greatest learning achievements I've ever undergone but do you know what the shitty thing is?



I had a written journal as well as a digital one on my computer and silly me, I didn't bother to back it up and it was before Google Docs/Drive - or at least I didn't hear about it then.

I've had some very profound experiences traveling by myself and I perfectly captured a lot of my in the moment emotions on pen and paper or in a word file on my macbook...until water spilt on my journal. Gone. My macbook hard drive crashed. GONE!

The pain of losing a perfect slice of that part of my life and never being able to relive it again has made me wiser and now I know.


Now, here I am...posting on Blogger to make sure that I have a cyber copy of my journey - Raw and everything! - within my reach. I'll be backing up EVERYTHING on my Google Drive because it's not gonna crash anytime soon...I hope.

I know better and I will definitely be documenting my travel this time around the way it should have been done half a decade ago. If I find other great tidbits of random journal entries floating around somewhere, I'll post it just for my benefit but reliving great and at times, bad memories makes sure I never forget.

Ijou desu.