Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 1

     The flight here was longer than anticipated.  It's about 7 hrs from Honolulu to Narita but because we were going down to Fukuoka, I didn't realize that it would take an extra 2-3 hours more!  It was definitely the longest flight we took since I was 19.  I feel old saying this but my body just can't handle long flights like it used to.  Not only was it the longest flight for me but it seemed even longer because I felt a bit under the weather.

I know, I know.  Wuss!  Ah, well!

     So we arrive in Fukuoka and it takes FOREVER to get through customs, which I get but everyone always insist on having a hotel.  We're staying with CSers so I don't have their addy on hand and so I just play the gaijin card and say we don't (which, to be fair, we don't) but that we're going to look for one as we go along.  They double take as though the concept is new (which, it may be since they like to plan more than me) but I insist on a Youth Hostel.

   Now, we're late to meet our gracious host and on top of that, our bag came out close to last.  When we finally meet, it's amazing how fast you can hit it off with complete strangers.  I love CSing because it's such a great way to meet people and also get to know a place better.  Our hosts showed us her place and then we went to a great little Izakaya (Japanese Bar) and ate the recommended Ramen.

     Ramen is one of my favorite foods of Japan that originated in China, came to Japan via China and I'm sure Korea.  Simple but heavenly noodles with broth made from meat and veggie goodness and topped off with onions and meat of choice.
     We ate and drank and had a blast and came back to exchange gifts and then sleep.

     Met great people and started off our trip with awesome food.  Thanks guys!  See you soon!