Saturday, June 21, 2014

First time everything and things that blew me away!

Day 1:  Fukuoka
MiFi  or individual wifi devices that you take with you.  I've seen them before but my husband has never seen them and was thrilled about them.  I, however, was blown away but how cheap they are in Japan.  $10-20 a MONTH!  What a steal!  Why have an internet router and a phone if you can get that and just use your iPod touch as a phone.

Day 2:  Nagasaki
Let me tell you, there are lots of vending machines in Japan but NONE like this!
As we were walking down the street, something caught my eye about a certain vending machine.  It has something floating inside the bottle and when I looked closer, it was a fish!  I wigged out until I read that it was for dashi or soup base for noodles.  Still pretty weird and when I told a host family about that, they were also shocked at our discovery.

Day 3:  Hiroshima & Osaka
I've NEVER been that close to a deer in my life!  They were cute and docile and I got to take a selfie with it!  Yay!
We also went to an izakaya and had Fugu for the first time!  Yay!

I almost forgot the best story yet!
So we went to Spa World and it was spectacular but the best part was the pool!  I've not been on a waterslide in almost 15 years and my husband found out for the first time I hate rides.  The first one freaked me and and so he said I didn't have to go on the second one if I didn't want to.  WELL, since I was making him spend that evening naked with a bunch of strangers, I figured I can concede to one more ride.  It turned out to be the best thing ever because despite my fear of rides, I felt like I was a part of a comedy because as we were practically hydroplaning down the stupid tube, there was an attendant that was SUPPOSED to stop us.  In fact, he was braced and everything but we were coming down fast....REAL FAST and the look of shock and fear was priceless!  We plowed RIGHT THROUGH him and he went down like a bowling ball pin and our floaty capsized!  It was the funniest thing ever and I couldn't stop laughing and apparently so was everyone else!  In a place that is normally reserved about embarrassing situations, they didn't hold back and their laughter was even more contagious!
I think that was the best memory we've made yet!

Day 4:  Osaka
Met with my friend again and went to an aquarium and saw the deep sea crabs for the first time ever!  They were cool and the fact that they are kept alive in that tank was amazing.
I was also blown away by the sheer size of Osaka Castle because those pictures just don't do it justice!  That building is not only old but it's HUGE!  So are the walls and the planning that went into this structure was definitely awe inspiring even for this day and age.

Day 5: Nara
Ha!  Just Deers!  These deers had NOTHING on the ones in Miyajima Island/Temple.  They are a fixture of Nara but they also rule that area and let you know.  If you feed them, be prepared to defend yourself as they will be pushy, rub their antlers on you and also nip at you.  At times they jumped up on their hind legs if you tried to hold the senbei away from them but these deer don't play that!
...Then again neither do I and a good shove will tell them to Fuck off until I tell them it's okay.
We also talked to some REALLY cute elementary school kids that gave us a short interview for their English class and they were the cutest things ever!

Day 6: Kyoto
Fushimi Inari!  I LOVE that place and it was the only place that had so many Toori and had me enthralled until the very end!
We saw a few really great temples there as well but that place really stuck in my mind.

Day 7: Kyoto & Obama
Chance meet with a good friend from across the world!  Sorta.
Found out she was going to Japan the same time that I was and we could meet up in Kyoto Station to catch up.  Great Coincidence that just happen to have great timing!
My husband mentioned to our host in Obama that he's never seen a monkey outside of a zoo.
"...So, how does one find a monkey around here...Oh, my GOD!  MONKEY!!!"
Just as he was asking about them, as if they heard his call, they were waiting for him at the side of the road as we drove past.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect
I've also never seen a firefly and mentioned it to our host.  He was gracious enough to show us his 'secret' Hotaru spot and shared his secret for attracting them.  (hint: it involves your hazard lights)  After a few moments, they came swarming and I couldn't have been happier than a kid in a candy shop.

So many great experiences and we're only half way through our trip :D