Sunday, June 08, 2014

Options on the Shinkansen

As I'm planning this trip for us, I'm trying to find a way to make it to my destination in time as well as see all the sights that I want to see at my own leisure.

The HyperDia site is very helpful and there are a few others out there that I need to take note of.  I'm learning about the Night Trains and the different types of compartments.

As a Japan Rail Pass holder, we may only be looking at the Seats or Carpet Seats for free.  If you want the Shared Compartments or the Private Compartments, you'll have to pay for the whole ticket.

I'm cool with huggin' a rug.
So is my husband...or least he will be.

These are the only locations that have night trains.  Unfortunately, due to cuts in funding and competition between the night buses etc. the number of lines that have overnight options have cut down .

With this in mind, I want to get from Tokyo on one of our last days and make it to Nagasaki to finish up my sightseeing before we have to make it back to Fukuoka and catch our flight.

I'm always worried if we're gonna make our money's worth from the JR Pass but I think if we do an overnighter, that'll do it!