Saturday, March 14, 2015

Check List: I'm Interested in yet Another Project!

So, I'm notorious for jumping on a band wagon for project....but not staying on it.

My first thing that I accomplish last year was finishing my story.  WooHoo!  Now, I'm trying to get back into reading.  WooHoo!  NOW, I want to do an App...Whoo-What..?

Yeah, I don't know anything about App making so...It'll be a new project for me.

1) Ask buddies how to make Apps.
2) Learn everything you can about Apps.

3) Make App.

...See Simple!


So, I'll be doing my research on this project before I can really spearhead this thing.  My buddy told me to check out this website, Ionic.

Checking out this site...I can already I'm going to have some difficulty doing anything because I've got a chrome book.

I'll try and work around it.

Luckily, there is a tutorial video!

So I need to Install Node.js.  ...Yeah, can't do that with my Chrome book so I'll work on that...and I'll get back to you folks!