Sunday, March 08, 2015

Day off

I didn't write anything yesterday as I was at a wedding but I have some great pictures as well as awesome stories to tell.

The wedding took place at a nice hotel about 2 hours away from where I'm at and so we drove.  It was beautiful because we got to see the mountain covered with snow on the drive over there.

When we got to the hotel, we wondered the grounds and noticed a blow hole.  When a wave hits that pocket in the rocks, the ocean sprays just jut up and creates a nice little show for us.

Two friends made a bet on whether or not the groom would cry within the 5 minutes.
He did cry.

I got a really cute picture of one of the little girls at the wedding picking up the flowers laid out as a walkway.  She's just gathering them for herself because, why the heck not!

The reception was help in a lovely hall with great lighting, open bar for wine (R&W) as well as Mai Tais.  The food was phenomenal with the best cornbread ever and the wedding cake was killer!  Granted it was cupcakes of chocolate, red velvet and lilikoi flavors but definitely worth the extra calories!

Came home with two dogs to babysit and then spent the day making sure they were okay, fed and taken outside at the appropriate time for potty breaks.