Wednesday, March 04, 2015


So, I'm on this kick on trying to find Grants to fund my poor ass since I know I'll be needing financial support as soon as my schooling is done.


I've been looking because you narrow the search down to Individuals, you'll find some available.

The only kicker is most of them is for research - which I'm okay with since I work in a research lab and it's usually a LOT of work to put on of these together.

I applied for my first on a few months ago and I didn't get it because I wasn't really prepared BUT it was a valuable lesson.  It was a great learning process to put one together (I think total, I had 22 pages) and it gave me the confidence to try again.

If you search online Grants for Individuals, I remember distinctly a Grant Writing book for Dummies online so search around.

The great thing about that particular grant I signed up for was it was through NOAA and they got back to me saying, do this and this to improve your chances for next time.  So, at least, I've got feedback on how I can make a better proposal for next time.