Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy National Ag Day!

The one thing that I love about where I live is that we do take pride in our produce.

Just to give a shout out to the farms that I love to visit and are open for the public to come and see as well:

Hamakua Mushrooms
This farm grows and ships mushrooms statewide and their mushrooms can be found in big name super stores like Costco.

Watch them grow

Hawaiian Vanilla Company:

This local company spent years trying to learn about cultivating vanilla and has done an excellent job of turning this experiment into a lucrative international business.

Volcano winery is located one stop after the national park's main entrance.  They infuse a lot of the local fruits with their wines to get a unique flavor of what grows here.  The best part is doing tastings outside right by the vineyard and getting a tour by the owner, Dell Bothoff.

Kahua Ranch:
This spot has a special place in my heart because this is where I held my wedding reception and the sunsets are absolutely breath taking!
You can buy their meat, as well as enjoy an evening dinner, a day of horseback riding or workshops like sheep shearing.  


Big Island Tea Company:  Check out this article

And...I'm not even going to touch the various Coffee farms all around, so have fun with that :)