Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I want a fox!

A Pet Fox

Yup.  I would totally get a fox of I could.

I remember reading this article on NatGeo a few years back about how a group of Russian scientist were trying to figure out what gene led animals in the wild to become domesticated.

It was a fascinating article to say the least and after reading that article...I REALLY wanted a fox!

The article goes to explain that possibly when humans first started to domesticate wolves etc, they'd get the most docile of the group and breed them - which we knew to a certain extent.

What I found very interesting though this experiment was how many generation of foxes it took to get them to the point of full domestication.

11 generations, I think it was.

Between that time, they noticed changes like maybe around the 3rd-4th generation, phenotype or physical appearances were altering from wagging their tails and floppier ears.  8th generation, they'd learn to whine and beg and even get pet.  11th was the number they found in generations of foxes that it took to get them fully domesticated where they were practically like our everyday domesticated dogs.

We always knew dogs took many generations to breed and get them to the point of domestication but this project was fascinating because of the teams dedication for years as well as the observations they've made.

I still want a fox as a pet!

While we're on the subject...

I love this video!  It's so fun.