Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Japanese Memes

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In my last post I was joking about Japan needing a meme and so I searched it on Google and this is what came up:

The subtle message behind a Japanese meme mocking the Islamic State


Totally not what I had in mind when I was looking for a meme because, most times, memes are silly and funny.  Granted, after looking at that particular article, yes there are some funny shit out there but I'm gonna focus on this:

Granted some of them are pretty funny but others are borderline wrong.

But Washington Post makes a very good point that we don't automatically see when looking at these photos.  It's the Japanese people's will to oppose these extremes in a game they started with digital media and show the world they will not just take these threats laying down.

A country that is known for not stirring up the pot, its people are behind this and what a way to send a message.

It's amazing what the digital age has done as far as getting media world wide but also making it accessible to just about anyone with access to the internet.

It's 130am and I'm losing focus but I just wanted to point this out because Kudo to them for their effort.