Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Memory Lane 懐かしい...Japan - Vending Machines

Japan is a very curious place and has many fun and interesting aspects in their everyday life.  One of my favorite aspects is their vending machine - Jidouhanbaiki or JiHanKi.

I know it sound ridiculous but I kid you not, their vending machines are off the hook (meaning, they're bitchin'!)

You'll have your standard soda and energy/vitamin machines that are awesome!

Soda Vending Machines also feature some very familiar faces.
(top: Oguri Shun    bottom: Tommy Lee Jones)

Cafe Machines (Tea & Coffee to go...but on Crack!)

I LOVE the tea and coffee machines because there are so many different varieties but best yet...They can be Cold or HOT!

I loved winter in Japan because they would have selections of drinks that were not just warm but hot.  I love their hot drink selection.  It was seasonal and very fun to see them change from all cold drinks to having soup in the vending machines - corn chowder etc.

If you're in Japan during the winter, TRY a Hot Cocoa or coffee!  It's so fun and delicious!

And then you're run into latte or fancy cafe machines:

Don't feel like Coffee, check out the Milk Machine with different types of Milk - also Coffee flavored and various others:
I know you may be thinking..."Ew!".  Honestly, Japan is so on top of most of their shit that I wouldn't be shocked if they regularly change the inventory once a week on the same day at the same time every week.

I'd totally feel okay drinking milk from a vending machine!

Japan is also cute in personalizing vending machines for places!

Then you have the odd vending machines:

The Notorious Alcohol Vending Machines (it checks ID) as well as Cigarette Vending Machines 

And the Rice Vending Machine
This machines only takes 1000 yen bills (roughly $10.00 USD) 
(Roughly - Left: 5kg $18.00 USD, Left Middle: 5kg $20.00 USD, Right Middle: 1kg $5.00 & Left: 5kg $35.00

Not Bad!

Then you hear about the legendary Panty Vending Machine in...Shinjuku...Shibuya...?  Still haven't found it but if I did, it would be in this blog.

No, no, friends.  I found yet another odd vending machine, and it takes the cake!


...And that's a dead fish.

I know, I know, it's more than just a dead fish in a bottle vending machine but when I was passing by this thing, I looked in the bottles and STOPPED!

'what the heck is that?!' I thought to myself as I saw something within the bottle.

Lo and BEHOLD!  It was a dead a a vending machine!

Major WTF Moment but read it and it said "dashi" or soup base/noodle base and then it clicked.


I'm actually impressed because if I didn't know how to read the basics, I would have been puzzled beyond belief.  I probably would have had a major inner dialog as to WHY would they have dead fish in a bottle for sale...En Mass, no less!

Not only that, probably regularly cycled out, too!

Granted, I think my husband may have had that dialog in his head or even mentioned some of this to me because he was confused why anyone would buy soup base in a vending machine. 

I say, it's convenient.  
Why not?

Sure, if I was busy and I had shit to do, I don't have time to stop by the grocery market and grab shit, but Hey!  I do know of a vending machine on the way that will provide it.  In this day and age, more and more people turn to that logic which gave rise to the very idea of having a basic home necessity in a vending machine like that, as odd as it sounds.

Kudos on them for figuring this shit out!