Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Memory Lane 懐かしい ... Monkeys

I LOVE animals with a passion!

They're cute, they're cuddly!

But NOT fuckin' Monkeys!

Nasty beggars that seem sad and vulnerable until you fall for their ruse and then they go for the kill!
...Not literally, but you get my drift.

Don't trust those cute furry faces because they know hot to use their good looks against you.

Case and Point:
I was in Malaysia and I had bought a coconut to cool down during the hot part of the day.

There's my Coconut.

After I drank it, I got it cut up and put into a bag.

There were tons of monkeys where I was and one was standing next to me and I offered it one.  Trying to do the nice humanitarian thing.

Thieving Bastard that's very distantly related  

Well, the little thief saw I feel for its act and climbed up my leg and grabbed at my bag o' coconuts!  I pulled for a bit but then I realized, I didn't want this think biting or scratching at me because who knows why kind of disease it had: Rabies, HIV, Ebolasyphilitis A-Z!  WHO KNOWS?!

Long story short.  Don't feed those greedy bastards!  They just take take take and if they give you something, it's probably something you don't want.


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