Monday, March 16, 2015

Movie: Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue is a fun movie directed by set in the jazz-age, a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1928 movie of the same name.

A glamorous American car racer, Larita, is brought home to her new husband's family back to England.  What she thought was only going to be an introduction to the family turned out to be an induction to a culture and a life that she didn't expect to be a part of.

I'm normally not a Jessica Biel fan (however, I love Ben Barnes), but she was actually entertaining in this role as Larita, an unconventional and somewhat rebellious widowed women of that era.  Her husband, John Whittaker, is the heir to a large estate and once he's home, he's constantly reminded about his duties that will one day fall on his shoulders.

Larita is now stuck in a society that wants to put her back into a mold that she tried desperately to break from but she has a few creative schemes up her sleeve to keep true to herself and carve a place within the dusty halls of Whittaker mansion.

Oh, Did I mention that Collin Firth is in it.  (great scene by the way)

Definitely fun to watch