Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet, Friendly Dogs Found During a Hike

Today, my good friend and I went for a hike in a new area my husband and I found while geocaching.  It's at the base of a beautiful waterfall and the river carved out some really neat groves into the surrounding rock.  The spot is also a popular recreational swimming hole for those that know of it.  It was a beautiful day and we were actually making really good time since the sun had not set yet.  On the way back, my friend heard something and stopped.

"Everything okay?"  I asked.

"Yeah...I just thought I heard something."

We walk further down the trail and we see a dog.  I look at the pup and see it's wagging its tail and barking.  I didn't think much of it but look around for its owner - 'probably swimming in the pools somewhere' - and was going to continue on.

I looked at my friend but she stopped and was listening to something.  I paused as well because I suddenly heard something, too.

It was a yelp!

I rushed to the edge of the flume and saw that another dog was struggling on the other side of the flume!

"There's another dog in there!"

She and I rushed to look and since I had been there this past weekend, I knew the how to get to the other side.  My friend went looking for a large branch as I rushed to get as close to the other dog as possible.  I was saw that there was a ledge that was just at the waterline and that the dog could possible get out if it found it.

I called for its attention and clapped but the dog continued to scratch and claw at the other wall helplessly.  My friend brought a larger branch than the one she had originally found and we were hoping that the dog would latch on or at least be more manageable to steer away from the other wall and closer to the ledge where we were.

The dog would latch onto the branch for a little bit but would start struggling again out of desperation.  She was getting tired and who knows how long she was already treading water before we showed up.  We started the trail 45-60 minutes prior and by the time we came by, no one was around to hear the other one's bark for help.

She was starting to panic and so I decided to jump in and get her but I didn't know how deep the water was because it was mucky, dirty, nasty stagnant sludge I didn't want to get caught on anything if it was too deep.  My friend suggested to try the branch to see how deep it was and it turned out to been only up to my chest but it was still disgusting.  I took off most of my clothing and jumped in and grabbed the scared and tired dog.  She still so very scared and kept on paddling for dear life.  Poor thing had be in such a panic that she had scratched up the wall and ground her nails down to the quick.

She still struggled in my arms, still in fight or flight mode and when I got her up the ledge, she was exhausted.  Taking a good look at her finally, she was definitely shaken and skinny.  It seemed like she was lost for a while to get as skinny as she was but her friend was that called our attention didn't look so bad.  The poor dear was weary and had a limp so for the most part we had to carry them out of the flume area and hold them by their collars so they didn't run off again into the forrest.

Safe and Sound 

Upon observation, the poor dog's paw was bleeding heavily and she limped because one paw was worse than the other but both were bleeding none the less.  When we got them home, we fed them and gave them water because it seemed like they were lost for a while.


I call her Mary because she's a Mary for falling in, but she's sweet and gentle and was a bit skittish.  We fed them slowly and gave them water but she finally calmed down a lot once she sat in the grass and wasn't around the river where everything had happened.  She seemed to be a bit older probably 6-8 years old and was probably arthritic and couldn't really get up over the lip of the flume because of it.

I call him Wilbur 'Oinky' Bacon because he oinks like a pig and actually grunts and snorts.  He's a beautiful pit-bull puppy that seemed like he got lost from his hunting group and found 'Mary' and clung to her ever since.  He essentially saved her by sticking by her side and barking to get our attention.

Good Puppies

These two were dog tired and were fed, watered and slept comfortable indoors for the night.  We thought they were hunting dogs but we can't be sure.  They didn't have tags but they were extremely sweet and cuddle puppies.  I would keep them both if we didn't have to move out of the country.

I'm glad we went hiking that day.

Hopefully, I don't get leptospirosis from that nasty as water but even if I did, it was worth it!

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