Friday, June 12, 2015

10 things I love about Osaka

In no particular order or preference:
  1. The dance off between my husband and a cute seal in the Aquarium 

Okay, not really great videos of the dance off as I totally missed the moment but it was REALLY CUTE!
Actually the aquarium is one of the best ones I've ever seen

I want their job!

Deep Sea Crabs that can put their legs around you!

2.  This Train!

Seeing this HUGE decal for the opening of Harry Potter World on the train.
(the worst moment was realizing I came to Osaka a month too soon as the attraction was opening exactly a month from that day!)

3.   Osaka Castle is MASSIVE! I can't express how immense this structure is but it was one of the most impressive things I've seen since Angkor Wat

4. This place!


Great Friends and host!

7.  (UPDATED!  I FOUND THE PICTURES!  They're the bonus ones :P)
My friend and pen pal from over 10 years ago met up with us and took us to one of her favorite izakaya at in the belly of the train station.  She also introduced us to fugu and some really yummy food!
Funny husband ate the fugu and I could tell that he was feeling an allergic reaction just by the way he was eating and his mannerisms.  Afterwards, he told me his tongue was numb and it felt like an allergic reaction so he was sorta freakin' out, but trying to keep it cool around our host.

We later looked it up and found out that fugu is supposed to have a tiny bit of toxins to give the eater the 'thrill' of brushing against death with that little bit of toxin.

Oh, and you cannot forget OKONOMIYAKI!!!

Not the best pic, but it gives you an idea of the place where you can cook your own food :)

9. Mt. Tempozan - The shortest mountain in Japan!

10. Our certificate of climbing to the top of Mt. Tempozan!  

Pics for #7 found!