Wednesday, July 08, 2015

10 Things I like about Nara

Not in any particular order:

1. The art on their train

2. This particular Deer!

We call it the Appa Rardy Deer because it reminded us of our dog at the time - old and arthritic but super cute!

3. Their epic signages

4. This lane of lanterns and walk through the forest

Although Nara is a very urbanized city, there are some really beautiful reserves and walks that you can enjoy in the heart of the city.  Every now and again, you'll find you that you have company.

5. The various beautiful temples scattered around every turn.

Don't even ask me what temples we visited because I have NO IDEA.  There were just too many to keep track of!  Each one was unique and breath taking to behold.

6. This old ass tree!
It's older than America by 4 or 5 fold!


7.  This Giant Buddha or Daibutsu!  It's just massive!


8. Making a mark on the temple...literally.
There were lots of renovations happening during the time we were there.  One of the ways they fundraised the projects was by selling tiles that we can buy and will be used on the new roof or whatever they needed repair.  Genius if you ask me and I can personally claim that I helped endevour.

9. Getting accosted by school children wanting to interview you for an English assignment
I know it sounds weird but it was the funniest thing walking around and having all these grade schoolers prowling the temples looking for foreigners.
No joke.
We'd walk and hear whispers of kids saying "Gaijin" and point at us excitedly before running up to us for an interview.
It was absolutely cute, but after a while, we had to dodge them just so we could make our bus and train ride on time.

10.  Deer Everywhere...and they BOW!