Thursday, July 23, 2015

Google Deep Dream

Have you heard of Google Deep Dream?

Actually, GIZMODO does a better job of explaining what it is in their article,

Artificial Neural Networks Can Day Dream–Here's What They See

Just to give you a hint of what kind of things were created:

Some Genius Finally Turned Google's DeepDream Code Into a Web App
Apparently, this is what happens when the Mona Lisa is caught in a network dream

There are a few other really cool ones as well:

These are great pictures that can inspire art

So we tried it starting with this:

our picture

...and then you have crazy pictures that just look straight up creepy!

Our Picture "Inceptionified" Deep Dream version
Hahaha, the extra eyes and ears are what makes it creepy as shit.

If you want to give it whirl, go here to Deep Dream.  Keep it mind, it can take a long time to a week.

To read more about it from the creators themselves, check out their BLOG.
Oh, and some one created an App that can do the same thing called Dreamscape

It's fun but know that your picture will be public for all to see.
Just a warning about going on that page, if you scroll down to see what was generated, you'll see that someone decided it would be fun to post pics from porn.

You've been warned and have fun!