Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hacks for University of Hawaii at Hilo Students living in Hilo Part I

Welcome back to school, UH Hilo Vulcans!  A brand new semester and for many, a brand new home.
I will recommend you look up on Google and ask Siri where these places are because it's way too tiring to hyperlink EVERYTHING (don't forget to add Hilo to the name because these are common names)!  This is stuff that my group of friends and I did to to keep ourselves busy.

Here are just a few tips on Random things that'll help you survive the semester:

1.  What do I do in a town that essentially closes at 7pm?

  • Go Sing Karaoke - Joann's Lounge - Hilo, HI, United States. free pupus! good quality.Most of these places will give you free appetizers if you order a drink - definitely better than peanuts 
  • Go Star Gazing on Mauna Kea at the Visitor Center - granted not Hilo but still something to do
  • Go to the beach to watch the stars or have a picnic at night on a full moon: I recommend Carl Smith Beach Park
  • Go and find all the porn shops and check them out - yeah, we were that bored

2.  I have the munchies, it's late and I don't know what's open after 11pm.  Try:
  • Fast Food Joints: Mcy D's, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, 7/11
  • Supermarkets that close after 12
    • Safeway closes after 12
    • KTA closes at midnight
    • Walmart closes at 1pm
  • Ken's Pancake House - This on is a typical one but open 24/7
  • Zippys - normally open until 11pm but 24/7 on Friday & Saturday 
  • Kampai's Sake and Ramen - open 5pm to 1pm

3.  I'm craving a bit of ethnic food.  Where do I go?
If you want more info Click HERE.
  • Thai
    • Thai Smile
    • Naung Mai Thai Kitchen
    • Chiang Mai
    • Tina's Garden Cafe
Naung Mai Thai Kitchen - Hilo, HI, United States. Pumpkin curry with tofu and brown rice. Yum!! Thai level hot!
  • Indian
    • Kamana Kitchen - AMAZING Lunch Special
  • Pakistani
    • Akmal's Indian and Pakistani Kitchen
  • Chinese
    • Hilo Rice Noodle Soup

  • Vietnamese
    • Pho Viet
    • New Saigon
    • Pho 808
    • Hilo Rice Noodle Soup
    • Yen's Cafe
  • Japanese
    • Takenoko
    • Sakura Restaurant (on Kilauea St across from the County Buildings)
    • Miyo's
    • Kampai
    • Kenichi Restaurant
  • Greek (only Gyros)
    • Pizza Ala Slice - This is the closest you'll get but their Gyro Dinner/Sandwich is amazing!
  • Italian
    • Cafe Concerto 

4.  Need something to do during the day?
  • Volcano National Park (obviously)
  • Mauna Kea just before Sunset
  • Beaches along Kalanianaole Avenue 
    • Carl Smith a.k.a. 4 Mile
    • Richardson
    • Onekahakaha
    • Leleiwi
    • Kings Landing
    • Chocks
    • Drangers
    • Break Wall
  • Go to Waterfalls
    • Rainbow
    • Akaka Falls
    • Boiling Pots

5.  I need a quiet place to study and Starbuck EVERYWHERE is filled.
  • My super secret spot I never shared with anyone (but now that I've graduated, I don't mind sharing)
UNCLE BILLY's Store - Kope International
It is the sweetest spot to get shit done!

Not only does this store/cafe have great ice cream for hot days, but you can also get some of the best loose leaf teas and sandwiches (I LOVE getting loose leaf bergamot (a.k.a. Earl Grey) tea and a Lox 'n Beagal)

They key is to go into the back room!

You walk through the main store, Past the Cash Register, Past the refrigerated section and into the back room that looks like it's for employees but REALLY it's an extra sitting room that is comfortable and best of all, QUIET.

It's the absolute best way to study and have time alone time.

If you're up for a hike and some beautiful waterfalls, check out my other ultra secret spot.
Also, now that I'm leaving the Island for an adventure soon, I don't mind sharing it with everyone :D
Granted over the years the word has gotten out and more and more students are going there but back when I used to go there, you'd get that place all to yourself.
To find it check out this blog.

If you want to check out different sites around the island, check out my board.

If you have any suggestions and want to add things for all the new residents in Hilo, Please leave a Comment!