Friday, August 28, 2015

Hacks for University of Hawaii at Hilo Students living in Hilo Part II

Welcome (back) to Hilo, UH Vulcans Part II.  This particular blog incorporates holidays as well

1.  Stargazing around Hilo (and just outside of Hilo) that are FREE!

  • Moon Hill - Gosh how do I explain this.  It's just past Alae Cemetary Road and yeah....I'll find a way to GPS this bugga.
  • Puna just past 4 corners, go straight instead of turn right for Wai Opae/Kapoho.  You'll find Kumukahi Light House and the best place to stargaze in Puna.
Kumukahi Lighthouse

2. Best Spots to Watch Fireworks (without the crowd):
  • Imiloa Parking Lot
  • Various Points on the Puainako Road Extension
  • At to top of Ponohawai and Komohana 
  • Hilo Soccer Fields
  • Same Moon Hill

3.  Holiday Events to look forward to (FREE):  
  • Most holidays have Parades.  Fun to see but if you're just driving in town to shop, keep in mind you may get stuck behind a long line of floats and horses
  • September Hilo KWXX Hoolaulea - Usually a Saturday late September 20 something.  This year it's being help on Saturday September 26, 2015
Just to give you an idea how big Hoolaulea is.  Did I mention it is FREE!
  • Hawaii Island All Nations Powwow - There are a lot of people that are part Native American and they gather in late September to celebrate their culture
  • Halloween - There's a tradition of Obake stories and ghost hunting.  A lot of times, we visit the so-called haunted places: Babies Cry, Hilo High School, etc.  Everyone here has their favorite spot
Old Hilo Memorial Hospital a.k.a Babies Cry -  Creepy as all hell...especially at night

  • Black and White Night (Hilo Bay Front) - First Friday of November, all the shops will be open late and various music groups will be playing.

It's an old flyer but you get the picture. Very fun night but also very crowded.  Check the Downtown Improvement Association (DIA) Website for actual date every year.
  • Black Friday Shopping - I'm not a huge shopper but those of you that are, you can wait in line from 2am at Prince Kuhio Plaza for the door buster at 6 or 7 when the mall opens for a chance to win a shopping spree and enjoy all the great sales.
  • Red and White Night (Hilo Bay Front) - First Friday of December, similar deal as B&W Nite but a bit low key.
  • FIRST FRIDAY EVERY MONTH - Hilo Bay Front Shops are open later and usually have events and food trucks.

4.  Check the local Calendar section of the Newspaper  (Some Events are FREE, Others not):
   I always stumble upon events that usually are not that well known.
5.  Check out various Factories, Farms, and Gardens (NOT FREE):

  • Nani Mau Garden
  • Onomea Botanical Gardens
  • Panaewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens (FREE!):  I'm a HUGE fan of their Petting Zoo on Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm                                                                                    
    • I adopted these two to support the Enrichment Program within the Zoo since it's a free Zoo.  Jellybean is the cute Miniature Zebu and Jose is the Standoffish Llama (unfortunately, poor Jose just passed away. R.I.P)
I HIGHLY recommend going to the Zoo for the Christmas at the Zoo event.  It's one of the best things I did as part of their Enrichment Program.

X-Mas Photos

I also recommend Joining the Enrichment Program at the Zoo if you're a huge fan of animals or planning to work with animals for school/work.