Sunday, August 16, 2015

More about Moi

So I'm filling out my About Me section on Goodreads:

I love to travel and write and eat and learn about traditional herbal medicine from any culture.

That's pretty much the crux of who I am.

Traveling helps open my eyes to the world around me as well as shake things up for me a bit (I think everyone needs that every now and again) but most of all it helps me learn something new.

I consider myself to be a life long learner and hope to be one of those people that goes to school even when I'm 80 or as long as my memory prevails.

I love being a foodie because I feel like you can eat your way through a culture and learn a lot about a place just by the food.  You can observe what types of fruits and veggies they grow in the region, what types of meat they eat and why and also get to know the spices they chose, not just because it taste good (believe me it's a huge factor) but also the reasoning they chose to use it.  OH, yeah.  There is also the factor that I just love to eat!

I have a fascination with learning about traditional herbal medicines from all over the world.  It's like passing on a story through oral tradition from one generation to the next only it's their way of healing with plants they they've discovered through trial and error as well as observation of animals.  I find this tradition very interesting because it's survived this long and it's also a peek into a different time and culture.  It has its validity as many pharmaceuticals will look for new drugs through exploring these old traditional medicine and refining it for their own use.  I just enjoy all the fresh green things to eat and drink!

I write because it's my own way of telling a story and therapy all in one.  It's a great outlet as well as a way of letting my inner child run amok.  I also find that writing journals of certain experiences can transport you back to a time and place that you may have forgotten about.  I especially love to do this traveling because there are just certain sights and smells and experiences that I wouldn't have been able to recall had I not jotted it down soon after it had taken place.

My one main goal in life is to keep on learning.  It's healthy and keeps your mind sharp but I feel that it relieves a lot of stress just to say, 'I don't know', and go from there.  It can be tiring to be an 'authority' of some kind, always having to prove yourself and what you know.  Sometimes you just have to put down the world and let others figure shit out for themselves.  It feels great not to know anything but the process of learning is even better.  Granted, I'm all about sharing what you know if someone comes to you for information, but not to the extent of being overbearing and claiming there is only one way to eat a lemon.

Just keep an open mind.