Sunday, August 02, 2015


I don't know if I've mentioned this but I'm moving to Thailand!

Well, before we can start celebrating you must know I'm in Limbo.  My husband is in Thailand and I'm still back at home because I've got to finish up school etc.  It's not so fun being separated but I'll manage until December.

I talk to him everyday on Google Hangouts and the best times for me to contact him is my lunch time and EARLY in the morning like 1-4am.

Needless to say, my schedule is a bit fucked up but I don't have him telling me to sleep early anymore.  Actually, it's sort of the opposite.  I tell him to sleep because I can tell he's tired but doesn't want to sleep if we're chatting.

I understand a bit of what he's feeling.

I moved to Japan to study abroad in 2007-08 and a lot of things are going in if you are by yourself.

Granted, he has a few of our friends from university helping him out and getting him comfortably situated but it can be a lot to take in all at once.

It's hard when you've lived a comfortable and familiar life for so long to up and leave but I feel it's almost necessary.

I know for me it is.

I like to change things up a bit and challenge myself as well as learn about new things.  That's why I love to travel and meet new people through couch surfing but we've reached a point where that just wasn't enough.

It was getting too comfortable.

I just talked to my mentors on the day that my husband left after a chance meeting at the gym.  I've never seen her there but we decided to meet after our work out.  Needless to say, it was great catching up but one of the things that was imparted on me was something she learned from two different friends.  One was a bit younger than her and the other was like in their 60's.

They said, you need to move at least every 10 years because you get too comfortable.  You don't challenge yourself beyond what you know and things can get stagnant.

About 3 years ago, I was definitely feeling antsy and wanted to move around and travel but my husband wasn't that comfortable about moving just yet.  We also had an elderly dog and we couldn't move with him at his old age.

Last year was very pivotal as far as the both of us started to toy with the idea of possibly moving.  I tried to alleviate my antsy pants by going back to graduate school in 2013.  Half way though the program, the school closed down but luckily another school took all the students that wanted to continue with the program under its wings.  I'm forever grateful that I can finish what I love but my heart is not in the my studies at the moment.  I think the school closing started a chain of events leading up to our eventual move.

At the end of Summer 2014, a huge hurricane came and hit my husband's work place and damaged that whole area.  Shortly after that, a lava flow from Pu'u O'o was slowly inching its way to his work place as well.

It was a very hard year for him and he worked tirelessly with his fellow teachers and students to get media's awareness and put his workplace on the map.  Which they did rather successfully and the school is still running while others decided to close their doors.  It was a victory but it was also tiring.

Unfortunately, with all that going on, the week before Thanksgiving, we said goodbye to our sweet old Rardy dog due to health complications.  It was one of the hardest things both he and I faced as a couple and we had a hard time coping.  I think we also wanted to move away from that chapter in our lives and started to talk about possibly traveling after I finish school.

The following year, this this year Feb (2015), a friend of ours came out from Japan and visited us.  He planted a bug in our ear and told us about a teaching position in Nagano and so just out of curiosity, my husband applied and interviewed.  He didn't get the job because he didn't have international experience but shortly after that interview, my best friend told us about his school that he works for and how there is an opening for a math teacher.

Well, long story short, he got the job!

But...I still had school so we made the hard decision to accept the position at the school because we weren't sure if there would be a position the following year when I was all done and I'd stay behind to complete all my school and clinic hours.

This summer was a struggle to try and spend as much time as possible before we parted and putting the rest of the world on hold until the day he left - Last week Monday, July 27.

I knows it's been more difficult for him because he's going through all the culture shock and having to start a clean slate all by himself but as I said, I'm sort of on a hiatus.

I'm living with family until I move out there but I feel like I'm just going through the motions and trying to keep busy in the mean time.

I look forward to the time I can spend on Google Hangouts with my husband as he shows me our new place, talks about all the great food and some of the great things he's been seeing at our new home.

I miss him very much and am sad that I can't be with him as he experiences all these new things on his own but I'm also excited for him that he's going through this colossal change - something he doesn't much like - on his own and finding things about himself during this time apart.