Monday, November 30, 2015

10 Things I like about Kyoto

Not in any particular order:


We met up with our friends and were staying with their family the few days that we were in town.  One of the best experiences during that trip was the friendship and time we spent with them in Kyoto

Washing our hands.
I love the sign that shows you how to wash your hands or "Tearai (?) no Tsukaikata"
Different people will tell your different ways to cleanse but at least, if you didn't know, they have a how-to sign.
The holiest of holy water

3. This Place!
Fushimi-Inari is the shrine with all the Torii and I absolutely adore it.  Apparently each gate represents a business and the owners would purchase a Torii to bring them luck.

There are various sizes and costs but the more money you put into the torii, the bigger the torii and wider the gate for good luck and fortune to walk though it.

These are smaller but I wasn't sure if you can take them to post at your own business or if they have to be posted there.

Apparently after so long, the torii gets decommissioned and taken down to be burned in a ceremonial fire...but I'm thinking that's after a few decades or hundred years or so.
The stakes are the designated spots for the new business that have commissioned a torii erected in their name.

4. These Places!
Kiyomizu & Tofukuji  

Hit and Run Tour of Temples around Kyoto

6. Food!

When you go to a Kaitensushi place, expect to get plates of sushi like this.

Now it may not seem like much when you look at it but sushi is actually pretty filling and the rice can really satiate you.

7. Gion & Ginkakuji

8. Onsen

9. Frozen in Japanese

10. Family
After this trip, I feel like we were adopted into their family and made some great memories.

We had one of the best trips of our life in those two weeks and one of the highlights was coming to Kyoto and spending time with our family from Japan