Friday, November 06, 2015

Birthday Surprise

I wanted to say congratulations to my husband, Rico Tumin for more than 10,000 views on his Tumin Blog and also for managing to surprise me all the way from Thailand for my birthday two weeks ago on October 22nd.

I was planning on going to my favorite bakery for my birthday to take this shot:

Just of me and two pieces of cake (one for me and one for him BUT since he wasn't here, I guess I would have had to eat his piece) and the seat I reserved for him but he beat me to the punch.

He called Jackie and Tom at Moonstruck Patisserie, my favorite bakery and ordered me a cake, from Thailand no less.

He wasn't here to celebrate with me but my good friend Amber was so we pretended like we were eating wedding cake from one another and sharing a cake that Rico and I would have otherwise shared.

Eating cake to our hearts content!  We also cheers the cake like it was champagne flutes and unfortunately, my aim was a bit off so I got a boob shot for him instead.

We decided to take another one because, why the heck not?!  It was my birthday and so that was reason enough.

Anyhoo, back to the cake:

This is her Almond Theres and one of my favorite cakes if not for the exquisite taste, then for the sentimental value of having it for my wedding cake.

This cake is considered a "classic cake" on Moonstruck's website and described as:
Two layers of smooth almond cake sandwiching a layer of buttercream and apricot (or raspberry) marmalade.  Also robed in buttercream.

If I were to rewrite this description it would go something like:
Two delectable layers of smooth, spongy almond cake enclosing a layer of exquisite buttercream and apricot (or raspberry) marmalade in the middle.  Robed in delicate buttercream, enticingly accented with translucent pearls of apricot marmalade for a splash of color and enveloped with scrumptious almond bits.  Not only aesthetically beautiful but the subtle yet aromatic hint of almonds complete this cake's appeal.

Okay, that was too flowery but you can see just how MUCH I love this cake!

A funny story about the cake.  So everything was hectic and crazy for the wedding and some minor details like the cake topper fell through the cracks.  I was going to pick up some orchids and place them on the cake as a topper - I didn't want a traditional cake topper - but we were so busy, it didn't happen.  We asked our close friend Travis to pick up the cake and when he showed up, Jackie asked him, "Where are the flowers?"

Travis probably said something like, "I don't know anything about flowers..." or just shrugged and said "I dunno".

According to Travis, Jackie had a lovely arrangement of antheriums which she promptly grabbed, washed and dried, snipped and added them to the cake.  And there they are!

If you're in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, I recommend stopping by Jackie's place.  Not only is the food top notch - coffee too! - but Jackie and Tom are a hoot to talk to.  We were regulars almost every Saturday getting our - really 'my' - sweet tooth fix for the week.  It was our morning date/tradition to come there and just start off the weekend at her place.

I'll do a post about her place really soon.