Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Starbuck's Red Cup Uproar for X-Mas #GFYREDCUP

Bravo, Starbucks!  You did it!

I don't mean just making your cups an awesome red slate that ANYONE can decorate themselves to be equal among other cultures and holidays.  No, not the hoola for them taking a stance on X-Mas or whatever!

courtesy of Starbucks.  Red is the New Black this season


What I'm talking about is having a fuckin' amazing marketing team that not only came up with this holiday gem an idea but even anticipated - because let's face it folk, they are a HUGE franchise and they probably DID anticipate the backlash - the response (negative, neutral, to this event!


Their marketing team is just phenomenal in my books right now!  I wish I had them promoting my book because then I'd be featured on Ellen or get featured on CNBC, Washington Post, US News, Forbes, the Atlantic, etc!

It's a chain reaction that is just getting Starbucks free advertising and exposure and probably leading to many more purchases and profits!


Genius if you ask me but I think it's even more genius because of the potential a plain red cup has!  Just look at that cup.  You may see a boring, non-X-Masy cup without the snowflake etc.  I see an open canvas and free for all as far as individualizing your cup!

Are you one of those people that complain about getting your name spelt wrong...all the time?  Well, here is your chance and you can finally get it right!  Write it yourself!

If you want something done right, just do it your god-damned self!

If you want your fucking Santa and Elves and can still have it!

Do it yourself!

Do you see where I'm going here...?

For all those people wasting their time talking about their lack of design, how about you do something proactive and do it yourself.

Heck, I don't care what you do with your cup.  You can boycott it for all I care but really, let's stop complaining because you feel marginalized for not having something you're familiar with.

I took a sharpie and drew a cute kissing octopus on my cup!

Okay, my octopus needs some work but at least I tried!

You can do it, too!

Honestly, first world problem!  Just, get over it America!

...and while you're building that bridge, take a picture with it, too!

I'm going to call it Go Fuck Yourself Red Cup or PG version Good For You Red Cup and making a hashtag: #GFYREDCUP or even #Notsoredcup because, why not?

I don't know but I'll just go with that! 
Selfie with Red Cup or #GFYREDCUP