Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrian Refugees in Hawaii

What a hot topic.

So, Governor David Ige is opening up the state to allow Syrian refugees into Hawaii, one of seven that has agreed especially after November 13th attack on Paris.

Everyone is up in arms about this, criticizing Governor Ige about his decision but the only criticism I have for Ige is his inability to stand firm for a decision he made and is pussy footin' around to appeal to people because let's face it, you'll never make everyone happy.  He needs to be firm and not give in like he has in the past because it makes him look weak, but that's neither here, nor there.

I wanted to talk about all the fuckin' fear mongering that's going on about this issue that I've seen on this post and this.  Let me post some actual comments that have me "up in arms":


"24 governors have already said no. Cruz is drawing up a bill to stop this flood of possible ISIS coming. None are vetted. This is barbaric!"

"Start with a religious interview. If you read a book that tells you to kill us you are not welcome here"

"Although I apply it less to the person and more to the idealology. I guess there are some people who are just dumb enough either not to understand what they are reading or to call themselves Muslim without reading their religous text. So, perhaps they don't all have "kill the infidel" in their heart. Most of them have just never been presented with an alternative; i.e. "kill the infidel" vs. "love thy enemy". Hmmm Jesus vs. Muhammad, it's a fairly easy pick, unless you particulary enjoy child brides, female genital mutilation, and the burka."

"I'm sorry, but your ideas are totally off base. ISIS isn't dumb, if they can sneak people into our country, who they want to take down by the way, they will do it. They said they would, they taunt us daily. the Paris terrorists were Syrian refugees. WAKE UP!!! Letting them come into our state to wreak havoc, death etc is stupid. YES not all are terrorists, but why even take a chance that a handful will get through. If 8 terrorits can do so much damage as they did in Paris, what do you think they could do if hundreds or thousands were allowed to come here. Especially in Hawaii where the a large part of the Fleet is stationed? Do you really want to take a chance with your life, your families lives and the lives of everyone you know? I don't. I think Gov. Ige is making a huge mistake"

"The point is, we have no housing for refugees. Our people are sleeping on the streets. Maybe they need to put them in FEMA CAMPS"

I'm going to stop right there because there are more ugly statements out there and if you're really that curious, I've got the link above.  Not only are these people being prejudiced and their comments escalate to being bigoted but it breeds for more ignorance and fear and spreads like wildfire.  I mean, the crazy person is also talking about freakin' FEMA CAMPS! 

I'm not going to say more about some of the misinformation going on but talk about something essential that we are missing here: 

Not just compassion but sympathy for their plight
1)  They are in need and are in a much more dire situation than we or even our homeless in Hawaii
2)  Mainly women and children!
3)  They are literally running for their lives because I don't think they would leave Syria if everything was honky-dory
4)  They are running away from ISIS, they are not ISIS.  As far as I know, they haven't confirmed that the Paris attackers were from actual immigrants to France.  Last I check, they weren't sure but that may change in a few hours.
5)  They are human beings in need.  They are flesh and blood and have hearts and harbor the same fears, have the same needs for security and semblance of a life before all this shit happened.

Oh, and I love this meme:

And just putting it out there, I'm proud of my friend that posted this:

His name is Nathan Ono. I know because of the hospital ID he was wearing when I met him outside of Longs and asked me for money. He explained he just recently got out of jail and then was discharged from the hospital with nowhere else to go, and needed a few bucks until he could get his assistance stipend from his parole officer. I told him I wouldn’t give him money, but I took him to Burger King across the street. As I listened to his (hopefully truthful) tragic story, it became clear that he was going to be homeless for a while and needed help getting back on his feet. I still didn’t give him money, but I offered to take him to Wal-Mart to get a few hygiene products and some essentials to help him out. I purchased for him nail clippers, soap, deodorant, new socks, and a watch (most homeless don’t have cell phones like us to tell time) among other things. Only basic essentials, nothing that would count as luxuries. I still refused to give him money, but before I sent him on his way, I bought him a Zippy’s gift card for him so he could eat for a little while.
Although this happened a few months back, I haven’t really told anyone about this because I wasn’t trying to seek recognition from anyone for my act of charity. But I’m posting it now because I want to make the following point:
If you want to help the Syrian refugees, fine. If you don’t want to let the Syrian refugees in because we have too many homeless here, that is your opinion and your choice. But either way, go do something productive to help the refugees and/or the homeless, and don’t just argue over the internet