Friday, November 20, 2015

Tribute to Appa the Rarty Dog!

It's been a year since Appa's passed and he's one of the best things that came into our lives when we had him.  We adopted him when he was already old, presumed to be 8 but looking back at him, he may have been 10 or even older.  Appa had lived a hard life as evidenced by various scars and injuries but the one thing he had despite it all was his love... as well as a unique personality.

If you are going to adopt a dog, I hope you consider adopting an old grey faced dog like we did because they are just as lovable but unfortunately are the most overlooked when adopting in shelter and sanctuaries because they aren't puppies any more.  My husband wrote a really great blog on our experience adopting an older dog (you should check it out!) but today I'll be sharing some of my favorite memories of Appa.

Appa thought he was a human.  Tried as he might to be one of us by going where we went, sitting where we sat, eating what we ate and trying to communicate as we did.  It wasn't always perfect but he was a human in his eyes, and definitely not your average dog in ours.

There are a few stories I love telling about our fuzzy butt friend that always made me laugh, especially during days when I miss him like today.

Rico tells the best story about how he fell in love with a homely old dog, but I love to talk about how he was a bandit and ate 'daughter's' flat of croissants the very first night we brought him home.  Okay, not the whole flat but 3/4 of it...meaning 8 croissant!  Granted, he was on the street for who knows how long and had to hunt (or BEG) for his own food, so there was no restriction for his diet other than what was on supply at that time.  Well, we think that carried over and gave him starving-dog syndrome and the first few months, he ate anything and everything he got his snout on. He was a fatty mcfatFat!  (I have a song for him about being a fatty but I'll spare everyone's ears.  Actually you should ask Rico about 'puppy in a trashcan.)

Appa LOVED food!  I know dogs love food but this dog was a FOODIE!  He would be affronted when we would put his regular dry food out for him and relished all those moments he could get away sneaking food from us if we dropped it or if Uncle Christian was around and would not-so-secretly feed him.

Our favorite scrap food story was the time 'daughter' came with us to Onekahakaha Beach Park and couldn't finish her Portuguese sausage dog.  In fact, she may have taken only one or two bites but about 80-90% of the dog was left.  She asked to give it to Appa and we didn't see the harm in it.

It was then that we learned that Appa didn't know the concept of chewing and after he grabbed the sausage in his mouth he swallowed it....WHOLE!

All of us looked at him in disbelief at what we just saw and were saying, "DAMN!!  That just went right down!"  We were impressed and proud parents to say the least.

Appa was an interior decorator at heart.  He was picky about where he sat as well as how he wanted his pillows arranged.  He would sit on a bunch of pillows, pushing and kneading them to either get them soft or positioned in just the right way for his own comfort.  He'd grumble all too but Appa had a great sense of design and style and rocked it!

We were thoroughly convinced that Appa had Asperger or had K9 autistim because of his mannerisms as well as his treatment of other dogs!

Our good friend Kenzie had two puppies and brought them over for a play-date.  Well, Appa didn't know how to respond to the two puppies and the pictures we took were gold!  At times we did wonder if he thought he was another type of animal because he'd watch other animals
                                                                                       passively and at times he'd "moo" at them.
                                                                                                    He was such a silly puppy!

For a water dog, Appa HATED water!  You know when you see water dogs that were born to be in water and are absolutely comfortable in their element.

Not this dog. Noooooope!

I've never known a dog to hate water as much as he did and every time we brought him to the ocean, we would try and get him in the water but not without him running the opposite direction or if he's already in the water, he'd look completely awkward as he doggie paddled to the shore.  That's our waterbaby!

I love to dress up for Halloween but one year, Appa was my partner in crime and we dressed up as Beekeeper and Honeybee/dog.  Rico always says I'm torturing him but I think Appa likes to dress up!
 the time we got him a small Free Hugs T-shirt during Relay for Life at UHH Campus Center and all the girls asked to give him a hug.  Appa LOVED the attention!

Which brings me to the next memory.  It's more Rico's memory than my own but he loved to talk about the
attention he'd get walking the old man.  All the girls would flock to him and say, "Oh, you're so sweet to adopt a senior dog.  He's so cute and gentle, yadda yadda yadda"  I guess being old and having whiskers does have its advantages.

Appa was a gentle soul that was content with just sitting by your side and chillin' with you.  He was so easy going and relaxed that Rico would try and roll him as he laid on is side and Appa would just sit there and roll with his body fat.  It was great seeing him with our friend Wakako because she didn't normally like dogs because they were too energetic for her, but Appa was just her speed.  Heck, he was great with kids and apprehensive adults because of his mild temperament.

Appa and I were nap buddies because we could throw down and nap ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
Here are some examples:

Even though Appa was up there in age, he was one of the hippest and most well traveled dogs we knew.  He would greet most anyone and nudge them as though they were best pals and always enjoyed an adventure.  I had many instances of each.

My husband claims that he also had the power of bread telepathy.  Rico claimed he willed the bread into his mouth one time as a piece of bread fell from the table into his eager chompers for no apparent reason. ("Unagi")

Yes, Appa chose to take a nap in the middle of a Portuguese horseshoe game.  You can see the metal washer midair!

Appa was also Mr. July for UH Alumni's 2013 calendar.

I took this picture on a whim while waiting for our Thanksgiving turkey was cooking.  Appa was just resting on some old jeans and I decided to take a picture of him being 'melan-collie'

Get it?  Ha ha ha.... yeah, I know.

Very punny...

I'm glad to say even though we only have 4 short years with Appa, we definitely have a lifetime worth of memories with him.

Miss you, buddy

All about Appa Rardy-Dog!
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