Sunday, January 10, 2016

2,500 Views! Whoo! Update in Thailand

Thanks for the 2500 views!

I've now been in Thailand 3.5 weeks and I'm in this weird state of feeling like home and still trying to make this place feel like home.  

I arrived home 1 am on the 23rd of December and spent 3 days checking out Bangkok - the nearest city-city to my little town - and have been feeling like I've been on vacation since.  Granted, I sorta am until I get a job but it's still a weird feeling.

On the 26th we made our way up towards Chiang Mai and stopped in Kamphaeng Phet as a halfway point before making it to our destination.

At Kamphaeng Phet, we stopped at this lovely restaurant before exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site just next door

So... as I mentioned before, if given the opportunity, take a bike and tour around to see the sites.  It's such a great way to see the site as well as explore the around around it

Many sites like this scattered around this particular UNESCO site and each one was fun to explore

I like looking around beyond the sites and seeing how nature has taken over certain bits of the park back

The structures were still pretty impressive after all these years and the government has been slowly renovating or replacing missing parts.

I was also testing out my new camera and had such a fun time trying to get used to the upgrade and all the new bells and whistles that came with it

I can't express how pretty this site is and the best part was that no one was really around so we had each temple or area all to ourselves to explore and geocache

Ta Ta for now and I'll be posting more about our trip to northern Thailand!
Thanks for reading