Tuesday, February 23, 2016

People-Who-Had-Their-Shit-Stolen-By-Animals CLUB or Victims of Thieving Animals Club: Open for New Members


It's been a LONG time since I've posted something but I wanted to say, "Yes, I've got a lot of blog post to catch up on" but I would like to get personal and talk about my experience as a victim to thieves.  Not just any thieves but ANIMAL thieves and I know I'm not the only one out there, so I would like to introduce my new club to raise awareness and let you know that you're safe...well, sorta:


I'll nominate myself as the President and first member of P.W.H.T.S.S.B.A. Club or let's just call it Victims of Thieving Animals Club because that is WAY too long of an acronym.  Victims of Thieving Animals Club will be referred to and known as VTA Club, hereafter.

I would like to appoint my husband as Vice President of VTA Club as I witnessed first hand the culprits doing their thieving thing.

Although he may be vying for the President's seat at a later date:

My husband asks asks, "How come I don't get to be President...?"

"Because I had my shit stolen from me FIRST!

I'd say that's fair.

Exhibit A:
My Coconut

The Culprit:
This furry thief may look fuzzy and cute but don't be fooled!  He took what was MINE!

I have ranted and raved about my poor coconut since 2008 and have since been traumatized by the event.

I am here to stand and say, "Hi, my name is Danielle and I have been a victim of animal thievery."  Granted, I had no one to respond "Hello" back to me but I now have a VP that I can commiserate with.

During our trip to Japan 2014, the thieving animal league struck again and struck too close to home.  My husband became an official member of Victims of Thieving Animals Club during our trip to Nara.

Exhibit and Culprit B)
Take a good hard look at him as he flaunts his booty brazenly before victim and camera.  

My husband will never be the same around deer again and it is our duty to alter the public of this travesty!

We do admit anonymous members as well.  We, at the VTA Club, understand how devastating it is to lose something of value to these furry criminals.

It is sad to say but our trip back to the original site my incident has only escalated over the years.  As I climbed up the treacherous steps of the sacred caves for the first time in eight years, I knew that nothing has changed.

A close friend of my became a victim before my very eyes as she protected the wrong item, her ice cream and didn't suspect they were targeting her water bottle.

Our warnings had come too late.  We captured Culprit C in the act!

The shocking footage captured is, sadly not the only one.  Look upon the faces of these thieves and know that your belongs, are not safe, especially if you are in possession of a bottle or edible, yummy snacks!  

Beware and don't become the next victim and if you have encountered asshole animals, know there is help and we, at Victim of Thieving Animals Club are here for you. 

We are listening.