Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In the Right or Wrong of Courtesy

Seat Battle

I apologize if the link doesn't work or if you don't have a facebook account and can't see this ad but most of my rant stems from that video.  Oh, and here's another of my useless vulgar rants so skip this if you want something logical and less sweary. (yes, I'm making 'sweary' a word!)

So, we give priority seating in buses, trains and other forms of transportation to accommodate those individuals that may be in need, correct?  But one of the comments from that video made a good point about something that I somewhat agree with.

Let me rewind a bit and talk about the video if you can't view it.  A pregnant woman walks in and everything is full and walks past where priority seating is normally stationed on transportation, talks to a seat and stands there. A man listening to his iPod glances at her and looks away but she waits moment, pulls out a squeaky mallet and proceeds to bash his it with until he got up.

Initially, I was shocked that someone would look at a woman that pregnant and not bat an eyelash and ignore that she's in need of a seat.  I admit smiling when she proceeded to bash him - it's not because of justice, it's because I'm a violent person - and he got up but I instantly thought, "heh, she bullied her way into a seat.'

But I read the comments and I found that I agreed with the less popular comment about how the commercial was a joke and whatnot.  Many people berated him for making a good point and not taking a joke but I think what he says hit the nail right on the head and I was a bit put off that others couldn't see his POV.

PERSON I: Very interesting that without hesitation it seems acceptable for a narcissistic expecting female to physically assault another person due to the failure of the victim to recognize and honour an antiquated custom. Emancipation works two ways ladies. I am old enough to recognize and appreciate that out of courtesy any one of the passengers should have graciously given up their seat to the expectant mother. That is just being considerate. However for her to actually "choose" which seat she wants and assault the person in it because it is not volunteered is stepping over the line of acceptable social behaviour and in many countries considered a criminal offence. So, who really is the transgressor in this scenario?
Random input I: It is a good thing it is a fake to make people laugh heeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee. A young woman sat next door to me on bus I had the window seat 5months preggie I asked the women to stand so I could get past she refused and just moved her knees I had to squeeze past thanks woman. 
Random Input II I was bigger than that with my daughter and no one offered me a seat And the same with my son ,because I was young they thought I was fine But my back hurt And my legs ached but no one cared 

But people started to get a bit defensive

Response I: This was not a real happening. It's a commercial. 
Response II:  It's just a joke... It was funny. 
Response III: I agree with the two ladies,get over yourself!!!

Back to Person I

Person I: Very interesting that without hesitation it seems acceptable for a narcissistic expecting female to physically assault another person due to the failure of the victim to recognize and honour an antiquated custom. Emancipation works two ways ladies. I am old enough to recognize and appreciate that out of courtesy any one of the passengers should have graciously given up their seat to the expectant mother. That is just being considerate. However for her to actually "choose" which seat she wants and assault the person in it because it is not volunteered is stepping over the line of acceptable social behaviour and in many countries considered a criminal offence. So, who really is the transgressor in this scenario? 
Good joke, and funny commercial. It would have been funnier a couple of decades ago but I have to admit it is cute, no doubt about that. Having scanned the various comments which weighed heavily implicating that the fellow, "deserved" his fate, I felt compelled to bring a little clarity to the situation in his defense. Reverse the roles and see if it is still funny.
And the dude has a good point.  If roles are reversed, people would be up in arms about a pregnant woman getting bashed in the head with - albeit a funny plastic toy hammer - but they would be furious.

Just a bit more heated responses:

Random Input III: @Person I: if roles were reversed and men were the child bearers, a woman would give up her seat because women are not selfish and self-centered! And you sir deserve a stuffed toy beating also. Even if it is a joke! 
I actually found this to be a repulsive reply because this woman is implying that because he has a dick, he's not a woman and therefore doesn't understand a 'pregnant woman's' plight.  Then she proceeds to say that he needs to be beaten for his shortsightedness.
Random Input IV:  @Person I: It is if HE'S pregnant! I get your point. But, yeah, respect for life being created in another IS awesome to us and may cause ONE to feel the need to express this by showing a little kindness.
I hate that argument that there should be respect for "life being created".  Well, technically, wouldn't it take two for that life to be created and at that point, the woman is just a cradle and though she's carrying that baby to term, she didn't however create it alone.  It's not Virgin Mary we're talking here, yo!  People also get knocked up everyday, intentional and unintentional, but it's not a miracle.  It's biology and it takes two.

I can go on a whole tangent on what I think about people saying 'respect for life being created' BS but I don't have the time and really I don't know what the woman did to get pregnant (45% in US are unintended) but for all I know, she and her partner could have been negligent and didn't use protection, she would have been hookin' for Meth and yes, there is the 55% of people out there that are getting pregnant intentionally.  I'll get back to that later, though.
Random Input III: years ago this happened to me, 9 months pregnant and on a hot crowded bus. I didn't beat the man that was sitting, I however passed out and landed on top of him! 
Random Input V: Really Person I. Well this is actually taken from a television commercial but I can't remember what it was advertising. But it is a JOKE! And in its full context it is hilarious and points to the selfishness of young people who sit on public transport while a pregnant woman or elderly person stands. It is FUNNY! Jeez lighten up! 
Person I: Let's just say at face value it is funny especially since the toy squeaks. Commercial or no commercial though I am still not convinced it sends the right message regarding acceptable violence between the sexes. The skit just seems to take a step backwards from all the progress that has occurred over the decades regarding gender violence. The thing is, the video bit can easily be taken out of context, which might be the case in my part. Without watching the whole commercial, and understanding what is being portrayed one is only left with what one sees. I am a huge fan of Monte Python and pretty well any slap stick humour. This skit though just seemed to miss its mark for me. Thanks for the feedback everyone. That is what this social media is for, sharing ideas and opinions. Let's move on to the next funny commercial.

I totally agree with what Person I says about the violence.  Violence is violence and if that were an actual hammer, people would not be laugh as hard just as the roles were reversed and the man was hitting the heavily pregnant woman with even a toy hammer.  His point of violence is so true because there are times when women do abuse men.  If you're one of those people out there saying, "Because he's a fuckin' pussy", you can go fuck yourself because being a victim doesn't make you a fuckin' pussy and that mentality is what may also condone violent behavior as well.

Finally someone comes in to back him up but then then get criticized as well:
Random Input VI: I totally agree with Person I. I think it's sexist towards women as well as men. It's very pathetic for a man to not offer up his seat, but for anyone - not just a pregnant woman.  
I thought this person was spot on because if someone is less able bodied then you, you should probably give up your seat, irregardless of gender.  I also want to point out that Person I mentions how the woman comes and practically shoves her swollen belly in some strange dude's face.  In what country is that approps?  She was obviously trying to get his attention because he didn't notice her and her entitled stomach but even before that, she went and CHOSE that seat when there were other perfectly good seats and able people to get up for her.  Why not bash all those offenders in the head as well?
Random Input VIIIt's not fair to interpret women being so violent, illogical and disgustingly rude too. This advert is meant to be tongue in cheek however with all the PC b/s - she should be hitting all the people round her, men and women (able bodied and the extra selfish!). 
YES!  Totally agree with this statement!
Random Input VIII: Interesting response from two males (Persons I & VI) who have no clue about being pregnant. I dunno. At that stage of pregnancy, with the way my feet felt, I might have hurt someone. Tom, when you've felt misery like that, feel free to comment. Till then, lighten up. And Tom, before you freak out, I'm joking.
Random Input VIII: @ Person VI women are completely illogical at that stage of pregnancy. Piss off at your own risk. Come on, it's funny.
I don't know if Person VIII was trying to be funny but her comments were as bad as Person IV.  Just because you are pregnant doesn't you mean you are above it all.  In fact, that cavalier attitude is what sets women's rights back because we want equality, not fuckin' entitlement!

Someone posted on a forum that a situation like this is a moral dilemma, but I don't know if I quite agree with that, as much as it may be a moral reality (great link actually).  She was pregnant but got the last seat and a woman that came on the train after her is 8 months pregnant and with a pram.  Does she stand for the woman that is 'more pregnant' than her or heed her own needs?

People that commented on that thread were honest and talked about what they felt should be done and whatnot but at times, the comments were a bit about entitlement and self preservation.

I don't really see it as much of a moral dilemma as a manners and social propriety issue.

So when people complain that young people don't have manners, who's fuckin' fault is that, people?  I think the Oompa Loompas said it best:

That's right!  Those rude ass mother fuckers are reflections of their mother and their father.

Let's go back to Manners though, because really that's where the root of all this branches from.  It's not about who's right or wrong but it sure says a lot about a person's own character if they adhere to these social and moral norms.

Yes, I went on random tangents but I think I've got my point across.

And for the record, I do and have given up my seat for Pregnant women, and elderly and even people that look really sick because it fuckin' sucks ass and I can fuckin' stand!  Don't come and stand in front of me and expect your entitlement bullshit to work because that shit don't fly with me!  I will sit in my seat because I own you nothing!

(Yeah, I'm not perfect.  I know that that reflects upon my own character but I don't give a shit!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Panda-monium taking Bangkok by storm!

If you haven't heard, there is a touring flash mob of pandas touring Thailand and its attracting people from all over the world!

From the 1600 Pandas+TH Facebook page:
"1600 Pandas+" is the follow-up to “1600 Pandas", a collaboration that began in 2008 between WWF-France and artist Paulo Grangeon, who handcrafted 1600 paper mache panda sculptures. The sculptures, made from recycled materials, represented the number of existing giant pandas in the wild at that time.

The new tour, "1600 Pandas+" refers not only to the nearly 17% increase in the population of wild giant pandas to over 1800 in the past decade, according to a survey conducted by the Chinese government in early 2015, but also to increased public awareness of ongoing wild giant panda conservation and an always symbolic reminder of the importance of sustainability in our natural environment. Specially designed paper mache “Mom and cub” pandas have been created to commemorate this occasion, as we celebrate a growing wild giant panda population and continue to support China’s efforts to tackle the threats and challenges faced by this fragile species.

Following the original “1600 Pandas" tour through France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea and nearly 100 exhibitions around the world, this year's "1600 Pandas+" tour featuring “Mom and cub” pandas will make its debut in Thailand in 2016. This unique and breathtaking exhibition will be showcased at national landmarks and outdoor spaces throughout the country, in an effort to raise awareness of both the success and the challenges faced by the wild giant panda, while emphasizing the importance of creating a world where humans live in harmony with nature. "

Aren't they CUTE!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Elephant Polo

Yes, I did say, Elephant Polo.

Don't believe me, check out the 2016 Tournament Booklet.

Before you get all judgy about it exploiting elephants and whatnot, why not read the booklet and find out what they're all about because this event is held by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Now, I've never seen a polo game in my life but this is the best introduction to polo EVER!

These gentle giants were great to watch prance around the field, at times chasing the ball but some of the best parts were when the ball would land between their legs, they didn't know if they wanted to step on it, move out of the way or even pick it up.  I guess the funnier parts were watching the mahouts and players struggle to decide what to do in this highly indecisive moment for the elephants because they couldn't tell what to do best to get the ball and then when a crowd of elephants came by that particular elephants, it was a party of WTF.

Great shit, that.

I think one of the best highlights for the event was the commentator or announcer for Saturdays first two games.  He sounded like an old retired British colonial sipping his gin and tonic on an overly large pillow seat, making jovial comment about nothing and everything all at once.

"Wow this has to be the most exciting match of the day, well, seeing as it is the only match, the first match of the day"
"It's like watching ballet on a stick"
"This is world class elephant polo, only found here in Bangkok"

That man is my hero and I strive to be as eloquent and amusing as him one day.

Oh, and during the breaks, they mahouts come out with their elephants for a photo op and you can pet and say, "Hi!" to the elephants.

I would recommend, if you get a chance to watch Elephant Polo in Bangkok, you won't regret it!