Saturday, March 12, 2016

Elephant Polo

Yes, I did say, Elephant Polo.

Don't believe me, check out the 2016 Tournament Booklet.

Before you get all judgy about it exploiting elephants and whatnot, why not read the booklet and find out what they're all about because this event is held by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Now, I've never seen a polo game in my life but this is the best introduction to polo EVER!

These gentle giants were great to watch prance around the field, at times chasing the ball but some of the best parts were when the ball would land between their legs, they didn't know if they wanted to step on it, move out of the way or even pick it up.  I guess the funnier parts were watching the mahouts and players struggle to decide what to do in this highly indecisive moment for the elephants because they couldn't tell what to do best to get the ball and then when a crowd of elephants came by that particular elephants, it was a party of WTF.

Great shit, that.

I think one of the best highlights for the event was the commentator or announcer for Saturdays first two games.  He sounded like an old retired British colonial sipping his gin and tonic on an overly large pillow seat, making jovial comment about nothing and everything all at once.

"Wow this has to be the most exciting match of the day, well, seeing as it is the only match, the first match of the day"
"It's like watching ballet on a stick"
"This is world class elephant polo, only found here in Bangkok"

That man is my hero and I strive to be as eloquent and amusing as him one day.

Oh, and during the breaks, they mahouts come out with their elephants for a photo op and you can pet and say, "Hi!" to the elephants.

I would recommend, if you get a chance to watch Elephant Polo in Bangkok, you won't regret it!