Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Shock of the Day: Bugs are like beer food...ish

Short one today since we were mainly in transit.

We getting a ticket to catch an early bus to Chiang Rai but unfortunately it was sold out.  Well, it turns out that was the best thing to happen because we ended up going to a temple that I missed the first time I was in Chiang Mai and it was absolutely gorgeous.  (I'll add pictures on the next blog)

So I didn't know you can get blessings at these temples and I just watched two families kowtow into the temple and kneel at the monk to bless them.  He only blessed males and young girls because they aren't allowed to touch women otherwise they have to go through a long cleansing process for a month.  Needless to say, I stood behind as everyone else got a blessing and went to get my blessed bracelet from his assistant.

Cool Experience.

So my shock of the day is Chiang Rai has a nice night bizarre with many things you can buy.  Well, it turns out you can buy at the food court fried buggies. Yuuuummy~

So we ate bugs.  Yup, they were like triple fried or whatnot.  It was extra crispy and honestly tasted a bit like chips.  The one I could stomach the most was silkworms, then grasshoppers but not a huge fan of the fat grubs mainly because of the texture.

Would I eat it again....sure, but let me just say, it's not my first go to as far as bar food or munchies.

At least I can say I tried it.