Monday, April 04, 2016

Shock of the Day: Fish Manicure

Well, day three of traveling didn't bring as many delights as day two.  Speaking of which, I forgot to mention one event for day two.  So we were talking the water boat taxi and it's on a very polluted river: really disgusting.  We sat in the front so there would be less motion sickness and that logic worked pretty well.  Unfortunately, sitting in the front also means you are susceptible to river mist all over.

River Mist.
"Don't breathe that in."

Today was mainly a day of transit from BKK to Chiang Mai.  Not much to really go and write home about but we did see fish-manicure places.  If anyone of you read my husband's blog, you'll know how much he HATED doing that because it felt funny but because his best friend wanted to try it they did.  The first five minutes, there wasn't much action going on there but they then moved to a bigger tank where the fishes were HANGRY!

Both guys were laughing aloud at the weird sensation but it was definitely worth the try!