Thursday, April 07, 2016

Shock of the Day: Giraffes have Tongues like Cats

Today, we started early to get to a temple I've been wanting to see for years now and boy did we get there early!  Well, I looked on the website and it said the temple opens at 6:30.  Well, we get there at 6:30 and the sign says 8.  Shock of the Day, not really.  It's Thailand.

We actually ended up taking tons of pictures of the place before it was swarming with people and I actually noticed that some of the hands in the sculpture were creative additions like Wolverine and others.

Have a look:

Shock of the day, Wolverine's hand is in there

We then went to Singha Park, we not only rode bikes to get around the park but we went to the petting zoo and fed giraffes, zebras and long horn steer.  Giraffes have tongues that are rough like cats but if I remember correctly, it's also rough so they can eat the thorny acacia leaves.