Sunday, April 03, 2016

Shock of the Day: Raining?

So, if you've been reading, you know that we have guest at the house at the moment experiencing Thailand for the first time.

First we go to Buddhamonthon to check out the huge Buddha and when we get to the top of the stairs, to be respectful, we took off our shoes.

It was mutha fuckin' HOT!

Trying to light our candles but epically failing.

Like, we would have gotten blisters hot as we stood there, but a worker came up to use and said that shoes were okay.

You didn't have to tell us twice.

We then grabbed the wrong amount of offerings and the same worker went back down and got two more incense for use - you need three total - for offering.

We watched as a lady lit her candel on a huge flame, dripped wax on a the platform and stuck her candle on the wax and proceeded to light her incense.

Well, we tried to do that but as soon as we stuck our candle, it blew out with the strong wind - someone was having a good laugh - and we tried to light them again but the wind was not liking us today.

Okay, so we opted to light our incense and light our candle that way and...that worked out just fine.  We kneeled and then waied and prayed and was on our way.

Our next shock of the day was feeding the catfish.  Okay, sure there isn't that much to the fish feed but they love really LOVE it!

Posted by Richard Tumin on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Not only that, they are pretty fearless.  Not that they are brave or anything, it's more like they don't know any better.  It's a Buddhist park so no killing of fish means no fishing.  So, when I hold out bread for them to eat, with a bit of it in the water, they just open their huge mouths and grab it.  We were essentially hand feeding the fish!  It was fun and absolutely cute.

You eat that good merit, you dirty, dirty fish!

So we take them to Yaowarat and have a fun time exploring but then we go into a dingy alleyway and to say it looks 'sketch as hell' is a bit of an understatement.  It felt like I had to hold on to my kidneys and liver in fear that I may wake up in a dingy room to find that I've newly stitched and without one or all of the aforementioned organs.  It was pretty bad.  Well, halfway down the alley there were 'raindrops' that sprinkled on us.

Lived to tell the tale with all organs intact...?

'Why is it raining...?' was on my mind instantly as I knew that day to be hot and clear but the defense mechanism of my mind was kicked and said, 'NOPE!  Don't think about it." and we moved on.  Apparently, my friend and I missed a rat the size of a cat that scurried down the alley and into a styrofoam cooler that probably had food to be served at the connecting restaurant to unsuspecting tourist.

Just sayin'.

On the bright side, we ended up in a street that we were looking for and found the food place that we were sure we wouldn't find.  Happy times, right?

Oh, and we came home and asked one another about the "rain" and had a good laugh about what we thought it was.  Answers ranged from "gutter water", to "pee", "poop", you name it.  I'll maintain it was gutter water and leave it at that because that 'gutter water' sprayed on my head!