Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Shock of the Day: Reflex Test

Today brought us to a lovely canyon in Pha Chor but our shock of the day is brought to you, ladies and gentlemen, by Tiger Kingdom.

We also visited PooPooPaper, which I love.

Now, before you harp into me for going to see Tigers in captivity, let me just point out that A) Tigers are going extinct at an alarming rate and if it weren't for establishments like these, they would have all died out by now. B) they were NOT drugged or sedated - that was the mother fuckin' heat of Thailand making them drowsy because let me tell you they are alert - which brings up to the topic. C) They were hand reared and are used to human.  Yes it's not the most ideal of situations but until the outside world can get their shit together and stop kill and illegally trading Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos and other creatures, establishments like these and the like are these animals only hope for survival.

(getting off my soapbox)

SO, as I was saying, we go and pet tigers and discover 3 things about them (and us in the process)

1.  They are SOFT! ...or at least the 18 month - 3 year tigers were.  Not only that, they LOVE belly rubs!

 2) They have cute paws...even though they can maul you like confetti...and these big guys were only the medium sized tigers.  After seeing the X-LG cats, I can now see how they can easily take down a man.

3) I now know my reflexes are still pretty good.

So, we are petting Andy, our buddy here when he decides to stir up shit with his sleeping buddy see above.

Sleeping buddy DID NOT like Andy biting his ass and told his so in this pic.  You've never seen me and my husband get up so fast as soon as his buddy woke up, sat up and growled at Andy with a FU look as seen above and blow.

That's me saying YIKES as I see the tiger getting annoyed at Andy.

...And we're up while Andy is still being annoying to his bud.

Thanks Andy for the mild heart attack.  At least we know that our sympathetic response of fight or flight still has its edge to it.