Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shock of the Day: Sick and Stairs do NOT mix well...and Monkeys are still Assholes!

Sorry folks, I've been out of commission for the past few days because I've had a nasty stomach bug and I'm finally starting to feel better.  This Shock of the Day is a bit of a rant, so like previous rants, if you don't want to read my swearing for no reason, stop reading now.

Yesterday, I felt better than I have since I contracted the stomach bug but...it was probably too soon to tackle something like Tham Seua.  Just to give you an idea of how many steps there are to get up there, there is the sign.

So the trek starts behind the sign and it goes up....and Up....and UP!  Well, I probably shouldn't have gone and done those stairs to say the least but another shock of the day came in the form of monkeys - another bane of my existance.  (rant starts here)

Not this guy or his band of furry friends but up top, there are some mean mother fuckers as my next shock of the day: Uberly agressive monkeys.  We met a very nice Indian couple and their young daughter towards the top.  Then went on ahead of us but we then heard some shouts and the little girl crying and so we ran to see if everything was alright.  We arrive at the scene with the dominant male on the father's backpack clawing and scratching.  Both mother and father were trying to protect their daughter from the monkey and so we grabbed sticks and banged on the blue railing to get the attention away from them and scare them off.

We asked if they were okay and if anyone was hurt but the father had aquired a few new scratches from the male monkey - hope he got that cleaned and checked out.  They said they were only walking by them when the monkeys came and pulled at their bags trying to steal shit, and a water bottle got lost in the mix of everything but for no apprent reason, the dominant male monkey started to pull on the little girls arm.

She, nor her parents did nothing to provoke that action and so they swarmed around her to try and protect her from the male monkey but he was being a little demon.  We were warned that the monkeys on top stole stuff but this is unreal.  We've encountered monkeys at Batu Caves in Malaysia and at other spots of Thailand but nothing this agressive!  Well, we had scared off the very teritorial and agressive male and escorted the family to the top and it seems they made it down fine, otherwise we would have heard them from the top.  This whole experience just solidified that I hate monkeys and self rightous hippies - some dumbass decided to add his two cents of "you're just making them angry".

No, dipshit, they were already fuckin' angry and I could careless if they are angry because they are attacking a fucking little girl!  If it was just an adult putting up with an asshole monkey, fine!  But she was defenseless and her parents were at a loss as to what should be done other than protect their child, so yeah, I'll fuckin' wave a stick at fuckin' monkey because fuck them once they start attacking, I'll fight back!

Fuck you, monkey and Fuck you ignorant hippie!

This was our view and very much worth it.  I'm feeling it in my quads and some parts of my calves but after all those steps, I'm shocked I'm not in more pain.

At the TOP! 

Yeah, it was pretty high up, but for me, this climb was pretty intense with my lack of energy from being sick all those days and also the heat was miserable!  The first time I climed Tham Seau, I was 21 and arrived two hours before sunset, rather than 9:00am.  It took me 1.5 hours to get up to the top and it was a struggle as my heartrate became rapid easily with the combination of me being sick, too much heat, sweating all my electrolytes and just plain exhaustion.  Yeah, I probably should have sat this one out but this was something I wanted to do again and experience with my husband so I was determined.

When those monkeys went apeshit - HA! - adrenaline quickly masqued my exhaustion and once I was on top of the mountain again, I was able to rest for another hour before making that trek down.

I can honestly say the trek down was a lot easier but still difficult with my exhaustion but we made it down in 40 mins including all my rest stops to catch my breath.  I don't think I want to do that anytime soon, but I can't believe there are monks that climb this bitch of a hill everyday!

Kudos to them!

And if you doubt how nasty these little shits can be when they decide to be territorial, just watch this video.  I'm not gonna lie, I laughed my ass watching this because in the back of my mind, I knew that monkey on the stairs could have been this crazy too, except we'd be falling down a fuckin' mountain if it decided to attack.  I'll just leave you with this footage, good or bad.