Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shock of the Day: Sonkran is like a water Fire Fight

Songkran is the time of year for Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries to celebrate New Years on the Buddhist Calendar.

It's 12:29 (after midnight) April 13 (now) and people are starting the cleansing of the new year.

From what I gather, they target Farangs or Foreigners, with icy cold water and aiming for specific parts of your body to get a reaction.  They usually try and get girls more and aim for their breasts and bum, but guys have their junk as the main target.  Not really my idea of fun, but our friends wanted to see it so we're down here for their benefit.

I've seen footage and video of how crazy it can get for Songkran, but my husband left to hotel earlier today, officially a day before festivities and apparently they already started.  He described it as, "Boondock Saint's Fire Fight!"

I tend to think he exagerates but seeing as I've seen his start up footage of it as well as various youtube videos, I think he made a great comparison.  I see it as a Cancun meets water fight on crack and nationwide.
The crazy thing is that this celbration last for a few days from the 13-15 this year and the most car accidents occure duing this time of year.  Accidents are 9x worse this time of year than any other and they offer special Songkran accident insurance for that purpose.  Not only that, nothing is open during Songkran so good luck getting to stores and getting food or necessities before hand if you haven't already and live in a small area - like we do.

Oh, and they tend to like to get buckets and tubs of icy cold water and dump it on bystanders like a ALS Challenge on meth.

I'll let you know what my shocks are as I've holed myself in the hotel until it's officially April 13 and I'm well and prepared for the water war going on outside.