Sunday, May 29, 2016

Withdrawls! I Need More Cartoons!

I am a HUGE cartoon fan and though I still think the 90's had the BEST cartoons ever, I can't help but love some of the stuff that's come out of this millennium.  Now, I'm having a dry spell with all my favorite shows and binging material either forever done or season ending.

Currently Watching and still running:

One of my favorite seasons, five
If you haven't watched Archer and you're a huge fan of spy/sleuth movies, raunchy and very inapprops humor, mixed in some fucked up family dynamics, a splash of science and great comedic timing, Archer is for you.

This crazy story has some of the best one liners I've ever heard, pedantic grammar Nazism and obscure historical fact drops by none other than Sterling "Duchess" Archer.

Pam's my favorite character and I'm a huge fan of H. Jon Benjamin so, sue me.  Next Week will be the season finale and I'll be going through withdraws from that soon until next year.

Bob's Burgers

This show is one of the cleaner and most family oriented shows that I'm addicted to currently.  The Belcher's are a just your everyday American family with family business and fun wholesome adventures...that can include looking for a two butted goat, a mission to scare the piss out of their youngest kid on Halloween, chasing your food inspector naked on a nude beach a so much more!

Honestly, it's like looking in the mirror at times that it's creepy.  If I ever ended up having a family (which it won't), the Belcher's would be how my imaginary kids would be and our family dynamics would turn out exactly like them.  We'll settle for me being Linda and Tina and my husband is Bob, Gene and Louise all combined.

Oh, almost forgot, there was a crossover with Bob's and Archer and it was funny!  Fun Fact: The voice actor for Archer and Bob are one and the same, H. Jon Benjamin.
Archer incognito and hiding as Bob 

Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty is a new addition to my watch list and I'm now I'm going to have to wait until new episodes come out in like a year.

Think of this as a REALLY fucked up Back to the Future if they didn't censor anything and were allowed to make extremely lewd and off colored jokes at the expense of the watcher, the human race, lower life forms and beings, mediocrity of life and settling for 2nd, 3rd 4th... (it goes on) in life and goals.

There are too many jokes and references that I lose track of and even have to look up because even I'm not that nerdy but I can't tell you how awesome this show is.  This show pushes the envelope almost beyond that of Archer or any other show I'll mention I'm watching.


I know, I know, I'm a late bloomer at watching this series and maybe I had reservations because I grew up with the Simpson's (same creators), so I thought it would be redundant but boy was I wrong.  This brilliantly written show is smart, funny - just like the other shows mentioned above - and has story arcs that span multiple seasons.

This show is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy person's dream come true covering space travel, science, philosophy, morality, time travel/dimension travel, you name it.  The thing that really drew me to the show is how emotionally connected you can get to some of these character's plight.  You definitely get the feels at the end of the series but it's satisfying.

I was hoping that Netflix was going to revive Futurama - so says the media rumor mill - but it seems that Groening will be creating a new series all together.

I can still hope though.

The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. came out with a new season this year and it didn't disappoint, other than we're now left with more questions about the history of the Monarch.  This is yet another satire and parody of old cartoons with ridiculous premise and characters but there is something so satisfying binge watching this series.  Great writing and pretty messed up like the rest of these series (with the exception of Bob's Burgers) but development in this series is a lot of the appeal for me.

Unlike most of the cartoons on this list - with the exception of Futurama - if you want to see major character development and insane plot lines, look no further.  The characters actually develop and grow up - namely Dean and Hank - and the villains are multifaceted.  Our naive little boys have seen and learned things about the world around them unlike any other teens and completely change as characters from 1st season to the most recent 6th season.  You can watch the relationship between Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch develop with the ups and downs of being a super villain and managing to date one another.

Plus, there is a lot of psychological bullshit in here that is both sad and disturbing at the same time, you sometimes can't help but laugh out loud and wonder if it's because you feel sorry for them or are just to uncomfortable to admit that is just fuuuuuuucked up.

Frisky Dingo

From the same creators as Archer and Sealab 2021 (who also incidentally voices Ray Gillette), this superhero vs super villain show is yet another great mashup and mockery of good vs. evil trope.  This is like watching Archer if archer had superpowers, so if you're already a fan of those other shows, you may want to give this other Adam Reed show a go.

All in all, I am a cartoon nerd, but definitely an adult cartoon nerd.  Actually, I enjoy watching certain Anime as well - I LOVE FMA Brotherhood! - but can't seem to find a show as deep and well written as that lately.  When I do, I'll definitely binge watch it and let you know what I think.

Image result for fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

If you have any other recommendations, let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Memes and Gifs for GoT Episode S6E5, The Door

The Door was meh for most of the episode but the kicker was the ending and my husband and I decided to make memes to show how we really feel about it.  We even went for 5K walk to vent a bit but nothing encapsulates how you feel like a well worded meme or gif.

Game of Thrones Season Six The Door Spoiler Ahead

So, I'm a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones and have been watching it since it started and read the first three books - I know, I need to pick up the last two....I will.

Well, if you haven't watched the newest Game of Thrones episode released today, then don't read this...or if you do, don't blame me as I've warned you in the title that there are spoilers.

While we were watching this episode, our friend that comes over to watch it with us mentioned that FB was up in arms about this episode and naturally, I think, "Oh, Someone just died."

The last time someone died and everyone was pissed when they revealed that Shaggy Dog was killed by the Karstarks.  Well, my first thought was, "It must be a direwolf".  There are only two left so that narrowed it down.

The episode goes on and then the ending scene starts - there's been a trend of having something shocking, both good and bad events to end the episode.  Well, fighting ensues and then, the white walkers surround and kill Summer.  I was nonchalant about that death, as I figured that was what all the hub-bub was all about.

Boy, was I wrong.

I understand. In death, a member of House of Stark has a name. His name is Wylis/Hodor

I can't even say his name around my husband because he's so sad about his beloved mascot of GoT dying.  I think about chanting, "his name is Wylis" just to lessen the blow but the damage is done.

I'd have to say, the death of Hodor is the most heartbreaking to since Ned's untimely/timely demise.  In fact, I'll go so far as to say that his death is more traumatizing if you'll allow a girl her musings on this episode - is it sad I also made gifs and memes about this?

So, Hodor is a lovable character that you instantly like, if not for his simple way of life, then his iconic and at times sage usage of the word, "Hodor".  He's like a lovable Pokemon that is human (or maybe vise versa according to Game Theory :P).  You can't help but smile when he's on screen and feel bad for him when he's scared.  In the beginning of the series, you just assumed that he was born that way and he was just this great fun loving character that helps Bran but as season six progresses, you realize the truth.

I made this gif and a meme just for this episode
Yup, I'm going to go on a limb and say everything is Bran Starks fault.  It's an overall blanketed statement but honestly, we can stem it all back to him from the time he was pushed off the tower after catching Jaime and Cersei.  I can also say that Catelyn made a lot of mistakes that cost her her own life as well as those of her eldest son, Robb, but I'm not going into that.

So, let's get back to Bran.  So he fell off the tower and boo-hoo, he's crippled.  Who takes him around and listens to him and does his bidding like a, slave.


Hodor is Bran's legs, muscle, his physical everything because he can't do anything for himself except for being a warg.  Everyone says that Bran has a big destiny and whatnot but honestly, so do many others in this show/book.  Pick a number Bran, you're not that special!

You're Special?  GASP!  Big whoop!  So is everyone else that think their cause is important.

The sixth season gave us a revelation about Hodor and his past.  He wasn't always, "Hodor" and went by the name Wylis.  Wylis was just a normal boy that grew up with Eddard and Benjen Stark and so we're left hanging until episode five, "The Door."

Willful Bran, not heeding his instruction about staying too long in the past and his lot in life ends up endangering EVERYONE, and by everyone, I mean everyone but Meera.  He honestly is like a Blackwidow.  Anyone who sticks around him ends up getting killed in the end and none was as sad as the story of Hodor.

So, at first, you think Hodor's servitude to Bran only started when he fell form the tower but we were wrong.  He sacrificed just about EVERYTHING for the chosen one only to meet his demise and in tragic twist of fate dealt to him guessed it.

Bran Stark

Earlier in the season, it was revealed that he can affect the past through his greensight when he called to his father but in this episode things got real.  He ventured into the past and was touched by the White Walker King because he didn't listen about staying in the past too long.  Bran was then told to leave immediately because he can now be traced.  What does he do though?  He stays and watches his dad and uncle in the past!

I've seen a few theories about how it was probably orchestrated by the Bloodraven but honestly, if the little shit just did as he was told - especially after he realized they could see him and find him in the past - he should have hightailed it and left.  If he had left and not been stuck in the past, there would have been more than enough time and a head start to get away.  Does that happen?

No.  So we're left with this sad image of Hodor's demise.

 The saddest part of this whole episode is the realization that Hodor not only sacrificed himself for this moment to save Bran, to serve but he sacrified himself even before Bran was BORN!

Think about it!  Bran's just watching Wylis as a child, probably his age or younger and Meera is trying to wake him and tell him to get Hodor.  He doesn't wake from his dream induced state until just about everyone does and poor Summer is now Direwolf chow.  Bran sorta jailbreaks into Wylis' mind and controls him to take him out of the cave.  Hodor acts as a vessel pretty much doing Bran's bidding but towards the end of the episode, he's haunted by Meera's voice saying, "Hold the door!", over and over again.  Young Wylis is already being controlled by Bran in the present but now his past psyche is being damaged beyond control by the connect that Bran has to him and Meera's order to "Hold the Door" as the run off into the snow storm.

The sad thing about this is that Wylis' whole life and sole purpose was bent and shaped because of Bran and had all boiled down to this moment where he's holding the door for them to escape and he ends up sacrificing himself for that lot in life.  It was a lot he didn't choose and was forced upon him even when Ned was a child himself.

Now, every time you rewatch an episode, hear someone quote, "Hodor" or even see an image of Hodor, I want you to think about how that phrase, "Hodor" he started to chant as a pre-teen, in the first episode all the way to season six episode five, I hope you realize that he was brainwashed.  He didn't have a childhood, a normal adulthood or was even pushed out of a tower because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  No, he was brainwashed and mentally enslaved from that moment on for the sole purpose of holding a door so two freakin' kids can get away from danger as he stood by the door as was predetermined by Bran and Meera.

Bravo Kid!  What you did was uberly fucked up.
Hodor was a tragic character that went through a messed up version of Stockholm syndrome through no fault of his own and led a very sad life all for the whims of a 'special' kid.  It just goes to show how if someone has more power than others around them, they can and usually would use it to their advantage while others get hurt.

Rest in Peace, Wylis.  Hodor.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Getting Documents Authenticated for your Chinese Visa in Thailand: DAY 2

So, I recently got a job offer for China and one of the new regulations for a Chinese Visa is to have your diplomas authenticated.  It's a similar process as when I went to authenticate my marriage certificate for our visa in Thailand - I'll talk about this in another post.

I decided to write about this process because I didn't really know what to expect and didn't find the information on the website and when I called, the girl didn't understand me and thought I was calling about the visa process.  I went to the Chinese Visa Office to get my degrees authenticated, and they said it cannot be done without doing these other things first (Hence why it's Day 2 rather than Day 1 of the post).  Just so you know, this is what I spent 7 hours of running around to do today (*this information is pertinent to the date it was published so be sure to call and double check that no one moved buildings since this date)

It's okay, you live and learn.  Let me just preface this with, this is what I experience and I am in no way responsible for anything that may vary or differ from your own experience of doing this same process.

In my situation, I'm here on my husband's work visa in Thailand but my degree was granted in the US and I need it to be authenticated for China.  There are three places you need to go to three different offices:
1. U.S. Embassy office - book a day in advanced because it does fill us fast
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs BUT through The Department of Consular Affairs
     (02 572 8442) there are two offices so be sure to go to this office [ 123 chaengwattana road Lak Si Bangkok - by Don Mueang Airport]
3. Chinese Visa Office on the 5th floor of the building

You need to visit those offices in that order otherwise you'll just be running around like I did my first day (it took me three days to get it all right)

  1. Make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy to notarize/authenticate your document(s) or in my case my degree (you can make the appointment via the website or possibly calling)

DO Bring

  • Passport
  • 1800 Baht (that's how much it cost today, may change but I paid in cash not sure if you can with Credit Card)
  • Documents needed for Authentication 
  • Printed Appointment (might be able to get away with taking a picture of it but I'm not sure)
    • When in doubt, call them

I was also notarizing my husband's diploma so make sure you fill out the forms accordingly.  The workers at the U.S. Embassy have always been helpful and will remind you to fill in as much information as possible and if you're doing more than one document and not just for yourself, be sure to put their information as well.  They recommend this way better because

You get your forms in the Embassy so fill it out and DO NOT SIGN IT.  You will only be able to sign it when you are under oath and in front of an Embassy employee.

Made my appointment for 9:15 - one of the earliest - I was also hopeful I can get it done in one day -- NOOOOOPE~

Go in, get the form, fill it out and grab a number at counter 3.  They'll look over your documents, may as you about them but they'll tell you to pay (1800 Baht PER DOCUMENT notarized - hence why they recommend combining all documents on one form).  Go back, swear on it and then get it stamped!

Moving on!

     2.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (make sure you have the right office)
Bring with you:

  • U.S. Embassy Affidavit/Notary form 
  • Original Documents
  • Passport
  • copy of 1st page of passport (the one with the info and picture of you)
  • 200 baht (express = 400 baht)
Go in the building and go up stairs (if you're lost there is an information booth)
Go upstairs again and stand in line for information by the Legalization area and grab a number.  You'll be given a form and you just fill it out and then give it back to the info desk.
Wait for your number to be called (it'll be in Thai so be sure to look up every so often)
When they call your number, you give them your documents, may need to show them your passport but you'll pay there an then so you can choose express services that take 3-4 hours (hence why I couldn't finish everything in one day) or come back at a later date.

I opted for Express at 11:00 am and went to lunch at Sizzlers and killed time there before heading back to the ministry.  When I went back, it was very fast, you can either go to information on the 3rd flood and they'll tell you what window you need to go to or just go to Windows 7 or 8.  There, you'll show them your receipt and they'll look for you document and you're done.

With that I was done for the day and I still have tomorrow.  Yay!

I will continue my journey tomorrow!


So it's the next day, and I get in line and though we got there at 10, the line was not bad for a Wednesday morning.  I gave them my documents, the workers at the front desk look it over and put everything together for me in the order they like, gave me a ticket number and then sent me to wait for my number on the left waiting room.

I only waited about 20-30 minutes until they called my number, but as soon as I got to the window, I was greeted by a nice English speaking Thai guy that took my documents, looked it over for a bit and just handed me a receipt that told me what date and time to pick it up and pay.

I was given a brochure with the pay rates depending on how fast you needed everything processed but seeing as I wasn't in quite that much of a rush, I went the regular route of a four day wait and will be picking it up the following Tuesday.

I'll just need to bring my receipt and passport and 1050 in Baht.


Note to self, don't leave your passport at the front desk.  I was in such a hurry to get out of there that I didn't realize that I left my passport with the receptionist when I was handing them my documents and though they didn't need to hold on to my passport, I forgot to ask for it back.

It was no incident to get it back but I'm glad it was left there and not lost on the street.  I called as soon as I got home, asked for my passport and gave them all my information and they said I could come back and pick it up the next day.

I went the next day and made a day trip of traveling around Bangkok since I was making yet another trip this week to that building - three days in one week - YEESH!  Went with my copies of my passport and other stuff proving who I was and I got my stuff back in no time.

Thank goodness that's all that was!

I'll update and let you all know how it went.  TTFN!


It all worked out!  I brought in my receipt (and passport, though I didn't need it), checked in at the counter and they redirected me to counter 16 on the left side to wait for my documents.  I gave the receptionist my receipt, paid my 1050 Baht (I did the regular service and waited 4 days rather than the rushed service for double the price) and got my stuff!

I will say, I was nervous that it wouldn't go through AND while I was waiting, I read the back of the receipt, I saw the disclaimer saying that whether or not your paperwork went through, you still had to pay (WTF?!).  Who knows?  I may have just been fortunate but I'm glad it all worked out.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

I read a REALLY good article on Physics

If you know me, you'd know there is something absolutely wrong with that title.

I don't read anything about physics.

...At ALL!

I'm not that kind of sciencey person and I have a bare minimal understanding of it but this article made me feel like I was a champ at life because it was like the ABC's to physics regarding a black hole.

It was written for not just the layman, but for someone like ME to understand!

Kudos for Joseph Polchinsky and Scientific America because if I ever wanted to learn physics, I want to learn it from that dude!

I really wish I could find the whole article but here's an excerpt instead.  This article - and this blog post - was written a few years back and I never got around to posting it but I feel like with how many discoveries we've been making in the past year or so, theories like theses become more relevant.

Now, I've not been keeping up on the more recent findings but I think they were able to find some more evidence on Einstein's prediction that was mentioned.  Also there was more evidence towards the speculation on the information coming out of the black hole rather than the original thought that all information is destroyed once it hits that singularity.

Actually, I don't know anything because I see article and glance at it, not really checking to see if it's authentic so feel free to correct me on the above paragraph because, as I said, I've not been keeping up since I've not been receiving my SA prescription in Salaya :P

One thing I really liked about this article and I didn't know they did was pose thinking pieces of speculation.  I don't know, I always thought they just wrote speculation in books, but this article in SA was using evidence and proposed a hypothesis on what may actually come out of a black hole.  It's kind of interesting since there is so much we don't know about our universe and after a certain point, everything is just speculation until it is proven but it's an interesting frontier.

It's nice to know that we know nothing until there is absolute proof and in this manner, you can say this is a field that science can definite use their imagination.

Now you may 'phishaw' me for saying science and imagination in the same sentence, but without imagination - with strict scientific parameters, of course - how can you try and discover new things.  There will always be speculation on the next step or progressive of whatever they're researching but I think the major innovations and discoveries happen because of imagination.

Anyhoo, I know nothing other than I really liked this article and the writer needs to teach physics on YouTube or something.  If you can somehow get this article online, it's worth a read.


Black Hole “Firewalls” Could Change Physics Forever

“Firewalls” of particles may border black holes, confounding both general relativity and quantum mechanics

Falling into a black hole was never going to be fun. As soon as physicists realized that black holes exist, we knew that getting too close to one spelled certain death. But we used to think that an astronaut falling past the point of no return—the so-called event horizon—would not feel anything special. According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, no signposts would mark the spot where the chance of escape dropped to zero. Anyone journeying past the horizon would just seem to fall down, down, down into a pit of blackness.
Recently, however, my colleagues and I have recast that picture in light of some new information about the effects of quantum mechanics on black holes. It now seems that our astronaut would have an experience very different from Albert Einstein's prediction. Rather than falling seamlessly into the interior, the astronaut would encounter a “firewall” of high-energy particles at the horizon that would be instantly lethal. The wall might even mark the end of space.

Someone later comments:
The article ‘Burning Rings of Fire’ restates the quantum mechanical position that information can never be destroyed, that in principle the information in a book when burned remains encoded in its ashes. I have only the most superficial understanding of the broad outlines of quantum theory, but this example does raise some questions.
Information, of course, has many forms. Consider this book, prior to its being encoded into ashes. The text was in a particular language. The words combine into expressions that have unique shades if meaning in that language. This information is important to its ability to convey meaning. The illustrations, their rich use of color and detail or, perhaps, their elegant simplicity, provide information. The font, point size and spacing of text provide information to the typesetter. A bookbinder would be interested in the method used to join the pages to the spine. One who is interested in the strength of materials finds information in the interweaving of fibers in the paper used.
A botanist could identify the plant fibers used to make the paper. A physicist could date the book by ratios of various radioisotopes. Is this a rare book, a limited edition? Its order of publication confers information that affects its value. Its antiquity, its place in history are informative to the historian. The listing of the varied forms of information contained in this single book could continue indefinitely.
Is all of this rich, multilayered information conserved when it is handed into the fire? Does it remain intact as we ‘encode’ that information in successive steps, first by burning, then by reducing the ashes to atoms? Is there not some measure of degradation with each successive ‘encoding’? If we continue to encode this assemblage of information by rendering the atoms into their constituent protons, neutrons and electrons, each of which is indistinguishable from any other, what has happened to the information? Is there any claim that, someone could re-create every aspect of the numerous forms of information previously contained in this one small, unique physical system?
By accepting the principle that information is not destroyed, does it not follow that there must exist a theoretical principle by which some hypothetical agent armed with sufficient knowledge and equipment could recover that information? If not, the statement that ‘the information is not recoverable’ is unambiguously equivalent to the statement that ‘the information was destroyed’.
If information, encoded in its dispersed and degraded ashes, cannot even in principle be recovered by a suitably knowledgeable and equipped agent, by what criterion can it be termed ‘information’?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

3D Printing

May I start out by saying, I LOVE 3D printing!
You can do so many cool and creative things with it and save money especially for mass production:

It brings up questions like, 'What if you had a company that can challenge places like IKEA with only a 3D printer."  Opendesk is one example of a company doing just that with their unique designs created by various artist and contributors.

What may have started as an innovation for aesthetics has turned into an invention of "Anything Goes".  People have started to see the potential that 3D printing is not just for simple items but for useful, life quality and life changing innovations as well.



Now, with my new found interest in Biopunk culture, I'm very interested in open source lab equipment because normally, it ain't cheap.  I worked for a cancer research lab and stupid little shitty plastic equipment that looks like stuff you can buy at Toys R Us were ungodly expensive.  Scientist are constantly searching for grants for funding and sometimes it's a substantial amount but a good portion of their budget goes towards lab equipment and its upkeep and that in itself can take up most of the grant.

Scientist have found ways to keep their research costs down by creating their own equipment via 3D printing.  If it were 3D printed, it may not be top of the line equipment according to the industry, but sometimes, science is conducted in bare-bones types of labs mainly because of funding issues.  Now, all you need is blue prints, which are readily available online and open sourced for all to use, and finding a 3D printer which is now becoming very common placed in different communities.

I love innovation and collaboration!

Things that would be time and money consuming have now become more and more accessible thanks to the 3D printer and the imagination seems to be the limit.  Granted, there are still many innovations and testing/trials that needs to be completed with the bio-printer and other printing but maybe someday in the near future, that scene in Star War where Luke gets a new hand will not be much of a fantasy.  People can customize their own houses down to the most minute detail and have back up organs at a touch of a button but that'll be a very distant future.  It's still fun to think about and imagine, though.

For your enjoyment:  FOOD PRINTING

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

BioPunk Intrigues Me

I get inspiration from random things I come across and the it thing for so many years has been SteamPunk.  Now, I'm still exploring all the different nuances and trying to figure out what is what, but here are some images of what mainstream or what popular ideas of steampunk can look like.  Just on a glance, it looks like it's heavily influenced by Victorian era ideas and innovations but on crack.  I absolutely love the fashion!

For full Slideshow, click here!
I find this subculture very interesting as well as CyberPunk, BUT my main reason for bringing this up is to talk about BioPunk.  Now, I'm just starting to scratch the surface of this genre/subgenre but from what I gather, biopunk is using biological knowledge and technology to rebel against an establishment in a good or bad way...or something along those lines.  Like I said, I get the gist of it but I'm still at the entrance of a deep deep cavern that needs to be explored.

Examples of movies that are biopunk are like Gattaca - LOVE this movie - and the Island of Dr. Moreaux and I consider anime like Akira - I think it's actually a mixture of CyberPunk as well - or even Dexter's Laboratory.  The main commonality of all these movies/shows is how science is used mainly to modify life for better or for worst.

Actually, let's talk about Dexter's Laboratory because that's actually an awesome example of biopunk!  In fact, now that I think about it, it's one of my first and lasting impressions of the biopunk genre even before I knew what it was.

Many of you who have lived through the mid 90's - early 2000's know or may have heard about this show.  It was definitely part of my childhood as well as Powerpuff - lite biopunk, 'sugar and spice' - and other stuff on Cartoon Network.  So, you may be asking why I'm talking about a kids show at this point but if you're not familiar with the show, it's about a brilliant - probably autistic - boy named Dexter and his various creations in a secret lab under his house.

"You may be thinking, Why is that Biopunk?"  The fact that he's so discontented with the world around him that he has to escape into a secret lab to invent and create/discover things on his own to make his life better than what is already know in the everyday world seems to fit the bill of biopunk.  Granted, his inventions and intentions are at times dastardly at best, but his actions to rise above what is the 'norm' and create a better world - mainly for himself - via science encapsulates that whole mindset well, in my opinion.

Why am I so taken by Biopunk?

Well, recently I watched an amazing video on TedTalks (yeah, I know...) but the speaker, Antony Evans didn't just talk about his project - which, I REALLY think you should look at on KickStarter because the concept and the packaging is absolutely brilliant! - and innovation, but about the Biopunk community as a whole.

I've heard about how people have hobby labs and are science enthusiast since I was in college but this concept of open source science and innovation has me salivating on so many levels.

1) I love science and though I may not be the most proficient - ask some of my mentors - but I respect and love what we can learn through it.

2) I am not anti-establishment or anti-capitalism but I don't like this elitist attitude that you have to be party of both in order to do "real" science.  I firmly believe that people can conduct their own - responsible - experiments without either and this biopunk movement embodies that.

Check out this site that was recommended by the speaker in the above TedTalk - I actually messaged Antony Evans via KickStarter and is very helpful:

3) Sometimes you don't want to wait for others to do the experiments that you have questions for and I like that aspect of take the initiative and find answers for yourself.

Actually, there are more things that I love about the biopunk movement but it's 1:20am and I'm getting delirious so I'll leave so I'll wrap it up.

Yes, there are many out there that may say, "Well, that's why you have so many quacks making ostentatious claims", but really, what many - outside of the quacks' - are doing is putting forth a hypothesis and testing it out to yield results.  What makes it science is the ability to take that hypothesis and test out the exact same method to yield the same result, over and over again by various people/parties to prove that there may be some basis in the initial finding ....not something that is only tested a handful of times, with no peer review or references as to how they made these claims in the first place.

Anyhoo, I think I may have found a hobby or movement that I can stand by, but I definitely am getting some great ideas from these quote/unquote basement lab rats and found another thing to write about.

Win/Win if you as me.

ProgressTH: DIY Gene Therapy: A True Biopunk Story

ProgressTH: DIY Gene Therapy: A True Biopunk Story: May 2, 2016 | ProgressTH It is inevitable that the technology currently controlled by large monopolies ends up democratized and in the hand...

Such an interesting read!