Wednesday, May 04, 2016

3D Printing

May I start out by saying, I LOVE 3D printing!
You can do so many cool and creative things with it and save money especially for mass production:

It brings up questions like, 'What if you had a company that can challenge places like IKEA with only a 3D printer."  Opendesk is one example of a company doing just that with their unique designs created by various artist and contributors.

What may have started as an innovation for aesthetics has turned into an invention of "Anything Goes".  People have started to see the potential that 3D printing is not just for simple items but for useful, life quality and life changing innovations as well.



Now, with my new found interest in Biopunk culture, I'm very interested in open source lab equipment because normally, it ain't cheap.  I worked for a cancer research lab and stupid little shitty plastic equipment that looks like stuff you can buy at Toys R Us were ungodly expensive.  Scientist are constantly searching for grants for funding and sometimes it's a substantial amount but a good portion of their budget goes towards lab equipment and its upkeep and that in itself can take up most of the grant.

Scientist have found ways to keep their research costs down by creating their own equipment via 3D printing.  If it were 3D printed, it may not be top of the line equipment according to the industry, but sometimes, science is conducted in bare-bones types of labs mainly because of funding issues.  Now, all you need is blue prints, which are readily available online and open sourced for all to use, and finding a 3D printer which is now becoming very common placed in different communities.

I love innovation and collaboration!

Things that would be time and money consuming have now become more and more accessible thanks to the 3D printer and the imagination seems to be the limit.  Granted, there are still many innovations and testing/trials that needs to be completed with the bio-printer and other printing but maybe someday in the near future, that scene in Star War where Luke gets a new hand will not be much of a fantasy.  People can customize their own houses down to the most minute detail and have back up organs at a touch of a button but that'll be a very distant future.  It's still fun to think about and imagine, though.

For your enjoyment:  FOOD PRINTING