Friday, July 29, 2016

Dry Spell in Writing and New Writing Prompts

The last post I posted was around the 15th of July, or somewhere about there.  I've been trying to write something every week at the very least as my brain is too tired to write everyday at this point.  I really should get into the habit of writing everyday and now would be a good time to practice that habit when I'm now inundated with work and that'll be what I'll have to deal with when I move.  Not only that, my brain is inundated in trying to decipher a new language so I feel my actual English skills are diminishing drastically.  For my sanity and further deterioration of my English, I will try and keep a ritual to do a small bit of writing everyday, on my down time and make it a habit rather than a treat to myself.  

Today, It's the first weekend where I have time to myself where I don't have to go on a guided tour arranged by my program or anything else so I figure, I can take a moment or two to write a bit.  I've been writing the shocks of the day just to keep up writing if I can't write in general be even that is not keeping the habit for me now but I think I may have a new solution.  

Description Writing of Locations!

I know, nothing new but for me, I think it'll be a great way to at least get those writing juices back a-flowin' (<---- Prime example of what Chinese has done to my English) :P

I personally like to find pictures like these that are beautiful around can be found in various places around the world.

Step 1: I like thinking about places like these and trying my best to describe them just as an exercise.

Step 2: I add some embellishments like animal life, plants, weather and sounds etc.

Bonus: Use it for something your are currently writing.

Heck, you can take any picture and do that exercise and it'll help you get started.

Used from a Creative Common's page by Thraen

I think artwork can spark a bit of inspiration.  You can just write about the scenery or even what is going on in the art piece but I do find it helps.

Give it a try!