Thursday, July 07, 2016

Lunch Time Update on Nepartak (as of Noon July 8, 2016)

Super Typhoon Nepartak has officially be downgraded to Category 2 and the eye should be somewhere near where I am at the moment.  The gust of wind is strong but I'm still not sure if it'll be stronger yet.

I didn't sleep much last night, not sure if it was anticipation or just because I went to bed early and found myself awake again at midnight.  I took videos every few hours just to reassure my family and friends that I'm alive and well.  When 4 am rolled around, I remember distinctly hearing the wind pick up and took a video shortly after.  We read a few articles about how the east side of Taiwan got hit around 3am ish and so we were probably getting the precursors to the storm at 4.

Last I checked there was one fatality from drowning in Taiwan but mainland China already had 20 fatalities on Thursday and total of 160 all together.

Lots of rain and wind, obviously, and surprisingly enough, I think I've only heard thunder 5 times or less so maybe we don't have much of an outrage (knock on wood).  Just in case, I did prepare two buckets of water if we needed it to flush the toilets.

Just for a bit of humor, I will post this comic about Taiwanese and Hong Kongese (is that a word?) in Typhoons.