Sunday, July 03, 2016

Shock of the Day: 7

Generational gaps don't usually bug me but when I'm going back to school or at least in this program it seems like I am, I can really feel the difference in age at times.  I'm not judging them because I remember being their age exactly and having different priorities.

My shock of the day is realizing that my priorities have definitely changed from that of an early 20's.  I like to socialize and meet and talk to new people and for the most part I can blend in with the younger bunch but I wasn't as obvious as it was going on our field trip yesterday.

Talking about majors and career and whatnot, I remember that struggle.  Heck I was still having that same struggle a few years ago, but it's funny how different one acts from those that are single and those that are married.

I call my state of mind, DGAFF.  My husband likes to call it DILLIGAFF, but that's just too long for my taste.

I make myself look nice and presentable because I don't want to be frumpy - well not all the time - but when I hear single girls talk about how particular they are about their clothes and whatnot I can't help but laugh with my DGAFF attitude.  I like to say, I'm married so I don't give a fuck, and at times I do, but when I think about how much time I used to preen and choose clothes and whatnot - do get me wrong I have my moments every now and again, especially with interviews - but now it's for a different reason.

Same kinda goes with what I say and I realize I may say things that may shock others, but at the end of the day, my DGAFF kicks in and I could care less.  I have a lot of depreciating humor and I also think that sometimes certain terms that are complete no nos to sensitive people will cringe at or be offended by it.

I don't mean to offend and I know I do at times but again...DGAFF.

I think I made two such comments and realized it as I said it and didn't apologize for it but did recognize for future reference.  I joke around with my family and friends and we call each other 'a retard' because it was a term that we used as kids and when it wasn't such a PC issue - well maybe it was but not to the point that everything is now.  

Now don't get me wrong, I think being PC has its place but why are other people in general at any given point getting offended for every little thing.  Being offended is such a subjective thing and as such, is also subject to change with people and places.  Well, I remember using the term laughing like a retard because I kinda was and realized, Oh, I'm not at home where I am free to say stuff like that, but I was referring to myself and again, referring to that time as a kid when we used to say it nonchalantly.   

Louis CK said it the best with this clip:

It would be different if I was calling someone all the derogatory terms to hurt or demean others.  Heck, people can use very ordinary, common terms for innuendos or because they are hateful and don't want to get caught saying something they shouldn't.  The word "tool" and the like.  Louis CK even talked about people using the phrase, "the N-Word" but it's so true!

Anyhoo, back on the ranch, I just want to say, I may say things but the main thing is I'm not malicious and I'm not hateful, but if I say something that others may be offended or embarrassed by...Not my problem.