Monday, July 04, 2016

Shock of the Day: 8

Food Equals Happy Times

I love food and there is no denying that but finding fruit - CHEAP fruits - is a key things for me recently.  Thailand has definitely opened that up for me as far as getting really cheap fruits and a wide range and variety.  What I like about Tainan is that there are similar markets here as well as fruit stalls and fruit juice places to visit.

Back at home in the states or even Hawaii, it would cost an arm and a leg just to get fresh fruit.  I can get a whole bowl of fruits that were just cut an hour prior to my purchase for $50 NT.  Now that may see like a like but really it's just around $2 USD.


I've found a new stop that I'll be visiting daily for my night snack and my morning breakfast :D

OH!  And I found Diagon Alley and 9 3/4!

It's a cute little juice shop close to my place but I instantly saw that when I arrived in Tainan and was extremely exited about the name.  I didn't try the drinks yet but who knows, it may have themed names like Polyjuice or Veritaserum or even Butter Beer but now I'm being hopeful.

Great finds today though!

Oh!  And my internal compass for finding my way around is not as broken as I thought it was.  I decided to try jogging - something I HATE - now that it's really cool and windy and ended up running and making turns here and there just to get my goal for the number of steps needed for the day.  Well, I decided instead of running my block a billion times, I ran and just kept on going and turned here...and there and tried to keep a square in mind.  Granted I meandered but overall I did have a good idea of where I was at and did a pretty complete circuit without GPS or anything.  At least I still have it because I thought I lost that skill a while back but it seems like it just went to sleep because it was lazy and I knew I could rely on other with better sense of direction.

Yay, me!