Monday, July 04, 2016

Shock of the Day: 9

If you think you have pretty good pitch and have a knack for languages, I suggest studying Chinese to give you a reality check.


I thought I was pretty good at listening and repeating tones but apparently I'm more tone deaf than I gave myself credit for.  Maybe I was doing alright against against others in my classes but try coming to a Chinese speaking country and having Chinese teachers and tutors.  They'll definitely give you a reality check and knock you down a few pegs when you don't realize they are doing the same flat tone (tone 2) 3 times in a row!

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it but, man is it more difficult to hear and emulate than I originally thought!  It's a humbling wake up call but I'm enjoying learning and actually saying thing right now...sometimes.  I think my tutor is going to work on my tones all the way through the 8 weeks but I definitely need it and my goal is that someone can understand me when I talk by the time I finish this program!

Oh, apparently, I'm in this cone of ignorance while I'm here because I had NO CLUE there was a typhoon headed our way and apparently it's supposed to make landfall tomorrow or Thursday.  Either way, I really need to catch up on new but I think ensconcing myself in Chinese is my first priority, new second, and if anything really drastic happens, I'm pretty sure I'll hear about it through the 54 other students within my program or on our common Line app.