Thursday, July 07, 2016

Shock of the Day: Catfish

This is a catfish.

This is a catfish in front of a Library.  He's a bit ambitious but he doesn't let thoughts like 'lack of water and legs' stop him from his goals in life.  Apparently he was chillin' like a villain and trying to make his way around on his fins while basking on the path.  

Then came my friend Pat.  He was out for a walk and found this determined mudsucker and dashed his dreams away by putting him back in the nearest body of water.  

Poor Nepartak - I'm naming him after the Typhoon - will not be walking on land today.  Not today....

(although, Pat is a hero for saving this little guy, there was talk about making him an unofficial mascot and I will say, I would be down with that idea)

Back to being a bottom dweller until the storm.  Then his dreams of being a land walker will come to fruition once again!  Until then, just keep swimmin' and filtering that mud!