Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shock of the Day: Baby Turtle!

We have a beautiful campus here at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, complete with ancient sites from hundreds of years ago and a tranquil pond that many like to come and practice Tai Chi at every morning.

Well, speaking of ancient sites and pond, here is what I'm talking about:
THIS is the entrance to my school

This is the pond in front of my building where class is held

So, I should not be surprised by what else this university may have to offer as far as shocks and awe.  Well, last week, I was walking under that very ancient site - I look down when I walk because sometimes you find some pretty cool things at your feet.  I don't normally walk under the gate but for some reason I did, and I'm really glad I did. It helps to pay attention and looking around as I saw a weird looking rock I walked by; no bigger than half of a bar of soap.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a turtle shell and I picked it up to see if it had been hollowed out or what, because one doesn't simply walk by a turtle shell and not inspect it.

When I lifted the shell, the little guy was tucked in as if hiding.  I was worried that it was dead or hurt but it seemed to be fine so I decided to place it by the pond where I've seen many of its kind, ducks and other animals chillin'.  I figured it would be better than it sitting there and someone accidentally stepping on it as it was very negligible and blended in well with the scenery.  

I took it to the bridge area and placed it on the bank of the pond where it was just a few inches away from water.  I was also just under some bushes too because I was worried about the little guy being out in the open and exposed to potential predators.

I set him down and hoped for the best but finding a turtle on my walk to school was definitely a memorable shock of the day (but not as epic as my friend Pat's rescue of a catfish)