Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm in China!

Well, It's been a very exciting two week so far and I think my most interesting journey yet.

I am not based on the outskirts of a small town and by small I mean the population is in the millions.  The great thing is it doesn't feel like it though.  Everything is so wide spread, I can't really say what it feels like a city because it's so sprawling.

Some shocks of the Week:

Well, do you remember Red Lobster and how you used to be able to choose a lobster of choice if you at there.  Now a days, people don't want to see their food before they eat and a lot of places that had that as an option are gone in America.


Not only are there fish, but there are shrimp, snakes and turtles.

NO, I didn't choose any of those foods nor would I want to.  I will eat fish and shrimp but I will NOT eat reptiles.  In fact, if I were to choose a turtle or snake, I would do so just to release it for merit - which I don't think they do here as they do in Thailand - into the nearest body of water.  Lucky for me, I am in a city of rivers and waterways so I would have my pick in releasing them.

My husband was pretty shocked about a lot of the things here as we forget how easy it and accessible things are in Thailand.

Sure, there are certain restrictions on basic amenities, but everything else was so easy to take care of.  Where we are now, it cannot be said.

Heck, getting decent internet is a pain in the ass, let alone having access to Facebook or anything google related.

I will say though, it's a bit liberating not having access to those things because it makes you realize how much time you actually spend on them but I definitely have more time on my hands.

Heck, I finished a book in less than a week - I'm a slow reader - when I haven't read a physical book in a year.  I don't miss it as much as I thought I would but I still want to share my experiences with people so I still take pictures and I still post blogs.  I may only do so once or twice a month rather than....all the time.

We've met some great people and look forward to making more friends.

It's been great learning about China and I can't wait to start traveling this huge country!