Wednesday, October 05, 2016

National Holiday

China has National Holiday that starts on Oct. 1 until the 7th - Communism and whatnot - but the actual day is for Sept 29...not as auspicious as the 1st.

I remember having a conversation with our friends here about numbers and how it pays a lot into the culture.

In the US we have an aversion to the number 13 yet like the number 7.

Thailand loves the number 9 as it is a leap into future and fortune but hates the number 4

Here 6 is a great number and I think 9 but NEVER 4.  4 signifies death and I for

Japan has an aversion to 4 for the same reason.

No one likes 4 in Asia and it's usually for the same reason.

Numerology plays into a lot of things in life here.  Choosing good phone numbers with lucky numbers, getting married on a certain day, certain ages are considered to be lucky and celebrated.

I just find it interesting.  Oh, and there is no correlation between my pictures and the topic.  It just helps break up the monotony.