Thursday, November 10, 2016

In Lieu of Donald Trump's Victory

I am shocked and dismayed as many Americans are about the results of 2016's Elections.

Donld Trump is now the President elect for the United States.

I was so sad and dismayed by the news that I took to drinking last night...a lot just to numb my confusion and broken heart.

It warmed my up on this cold evening in China, but really my hopes and passion for what would have been a promising four years if Hillary Clinton was elected has be frozen and shattered.

I may sound dramatic, but a lot of the social changes that I had hoped to come out of the the next four years are not only in peril, but now may never really come to fruition.

With Trump in the oval office, he will now have the opportunity to elect two very conservative justices, tipping the balanced numbers to be in favor of conservative candidates.

This means that gay marriage will be in peril, woman's rights to her own body and choice will come under harsher regulations, minorities will be further scrutinized and so many more things.

I mourned for the eventuality of losing the great strides that we've accomplished during these past two terms and also the chance of seeing a long cherished dream of seeing a woman president and almost cried a few times thinking about how we just may start moving backwards.

I've always admired Hillary Clinton and like any candidate, she isn't perfect but I would have backed her wholeheartedly.

Maybe I'm being a bit pessimistic but only time can tell what changes will come.  I won't be there to see any of it first hand but hearing the news thousands of miles away was just as painful as though I were there.  I can just imagine how sad I'll be to hear about the reversal or problems that our country will face over the next four years.

All I can say is that I  just watched the concession speech and I cried knowing that we as a nation lost an opportunity for so many people out there still fighting for basic right and equality. She gave an eloquent speech still asking everyone to fight for all the rights and people whose voices will be drown amongst shouts of hatred and fear of progressive change.